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New for 2022

Be a Cancer Thriver

What would you do if you heard the word, “cancer”?

Faced with a cancer diagnosis, Janis wondered what to do next. As she always does, she took all her worries to Jesus. As she read through Scripture, God met her on the pages. She found she wasn’t just surviving cancer, she was thriving.

In Be a Cancer Thriver, Janis shares Scriptures that helped her along the way, and the poetry she wrote in response to her time with Jesus each day.

Pick up your copy today, join Janis and become a cancer thriver.

May I pray for you and me?
Heavenly Father, You help us to stand on firm, level ground. Through Your Word, You show us the way forward, even in trying times. We pray for all those who are affected by this dreaded disease, cancer. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


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“God, Take Action”

Inspired by God’s Word, Janis has used watercolour to express her thoughts and her feelings while studying scripture. Follow each painting, scripture and prayer and listen to God as He speaks to you through His Word. Find inspiration in these pages to pray for others.

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S.I.M.P.L.E 2 “God, Take Action”

Let God Speak to You

Does God seem far away sometimes? Do you want to get to know Him better?

Is the idea of studying the Bible so daunting that you leave the Bible on your shelf?

Do you want God to talk to you?

Help is here. This S.I.M.P.L.E. journal method will help you read, understand, and memorize a verse. I give you the verse and references to help you study other passages that relate to it. There is a place to draw and to ask God questions.

This is a companion book to “God, Take Action”, an art book for each of the verses, with prayers and a prayer focus. If you feel burdened for others, these verses will help you ask God for help.

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“God, Take Action” Colouring Book

Learn scripture one verse at a time. This is a companion colouring book for the S.I.MP.L.E. Journal and the art book, “God, Take Action”.

Do you enjoy colouring? These colouring pages will inspire you to read your Bible and learn more about each picture.

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Tadeo Turtle

Tadeo Turtle
Tadeo Turtle cover 2020 published by Butterfly Beacons

Age: Up to 7 years old

Genre: Children’s Watercolour Poetry Picture Book

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Tadeo (TAHD-ay-OH) Turtle longs to be different. Through an adventure find out how Tadeo learns to accept how God created him. There are activities in the back of the book. Tadeo Turtle is a story for children from birth until 7 years of age. For use in home and schools. Extended activities will be available soon. Children need to know they are special. Tadeo helps them see clearly that they were created perfectly just how they are made. Children with disabilities will benefit from this story too.

Tadeo Turtle Extended Activities

Children's Books
Tadeo Turtle Extended Activities published by Butterfly Beacons

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Looking for extra activities on turtles. Here’s the answer. Crafts, stories, songs, scripture study, math, language, artwork.

The Kingdom of Thrim

Third edition published on Amazon.


The Kingdom of Thrim bookstore
The Kingdom of Thrim published by Butterfly Beacons

Age: 5+ years old

Genre: Children’s Fiction/Fantasy Picturebook

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Yoj is a happy doll maker from the Kingdom of Thrim. He makes a quick life decision without consulting God and travels too far from home. Follow his adventure of rediscovery. Watercolour picture book for ages 5 and up. Here are a few things your children will learn: To use the gifts God has given them. To listen to God. To make wise decisions by not rushing ahead of God. That money isn’t the way to happiness. The importance of friendships. Beauty, colour and nature are important to our world. Each person has a gift that will honour God.

Growing through God’s Word

– A series of devotionals to inspire you in your life with God.

Growing through God's Word
Growing through God’s Word published by Butterfly Beacons

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Janis believes we need a daily rhythm of seeking intimacy with God. This has the power to transform lives.
Join her as you discover her experiences in studying God’s Word on a daily basis.

Through journaling and prayer, you can grow closer to God. Be inspired. Be encouraged. Grow through God’s Word.

Growing through God’s Word 2

Growing through God’s Word 2 published by Butterfly Beacons

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In the second book of this series, Janis continues to express her thoughts while she reads through God’s Word. She gives examples of how to study the Bible, pray, journal and get closer to God.

Bible Study/Colouring Book

Colouring Book with a Bible study for Psalm 119:1-8.

Colouring Book and Bible Study

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Etsy (PDF)

Looking for something to help you relax. Enjoy colouring a scripture while you study it. Janis helps you work through the scripture using the SIMPLE Method of Bible study. Go deeper into Psalm 119.

S.I.M.P.L.E. Bible Journaling Notebook

8.5 x 11 inches, journaling notebook

Learn to study God’s Word, one verse at a time. Using the SIMPLE method of Bible study, you will get in tune with the word of God.

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Living Life One Word at a Time

For 99 cents you can buy the Kindle edition of a small devotional with questions. Called Living Life – One Word at a time.

Bible Study

companion bible study


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Books I have illustrated

I Remember The Seasons – for caregivers of those with dementia.
Illustrated by Janis Cox



To find out more about I Remember The Seasons click here.

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