CRAFTING SATURDAYS – Soap Carving Tadeo Turtle

Crafting Saturday – Soap Carving Tadeo Turtle

Today we are looking at how to make a turtle from a bar of soap. Let’s take a look at how to make Soap Carving Tadeo Turtle.

Soap Carving Tadeo Turtle

I have always had the desire to do carving. From the time of a youngster I loved to play with mud – yup, mud. I would form and shape animals. Today we are going to make a soap carving Tadeo Turtle.

When we first came to Mesa, Arizona I joined a pottery class. There we learned to form objects. It was called slab building. I enjoyed it. But watercolour called me and I changed back to that artistic endeavour.

But I have never tried sculpting something.

Today I thought I would try making Tadeo from a piece of soap. I used Ivory Soap – it carves very easily.

I only used a spoon to do the basic sculpting.

In order to finish the details I used a paring knife. I would advise caution for small children. Using a pumpkin carver or a small butter knife would be better.

To finish the final details I used a toothpick. A toothbrush cleans out the debris.

Here are the directions:

1. Go slowly (soap can break).

Soap carving Tadeo Turtle

A bar of soap

2. Draw a quick sketch of what you want your final object to look like.

Soap Carving Tadeo Turtle

3. Do the overall shape first. Then start to carve out the details.

soap carving tadeo turtle - beginning stages

Making the shape of the turtle

4. Add the details to the soap sculpture – a turtle starts to appear..

Adding details - soap carving

Add the details.

5.  Round the edges with your fingers.

Almost finished soap carving

Tadeo is almost finished

6. The finished product – your own carved soap Tadeo Turtle is ready to paint.

Soap Finished Tadeo

7. The Final Product

Soap Carving Tadeo Turtle

I would love to have children’s pictures of their treasured Tadeo designs.


To purchase Tadeo Turtle click on the Paypal and either pay with Paypal or your credit card.



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35 thoughts on “CRAFTING SATURDAYS – Soap Carving Tadeo Turtle

    1. JanisCox Post author

      I hope to get time to make some new crafts – that one was from a number of years ago but updated. I love it myself and had such a good time doing it. I wonder if I could make a doll? For The Kingdom of Thrim?


  1. craftymomsshare

    Such a neat craft!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday! And congratulations on being most clicked this week!!

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  4. Tracey M.

    Alyssa (Age 5) says, “I think that is a really, really great idea.” If we complete this project, then I will come back and let you know. We used to do soap sculpting when I taught in the classroom for unit studies. We just discussed sculptures and this look fun and easy. Thank you for sharing!

    1. JanisCox Post author

      Thanks Tracey,
      Sorry you ended up in the spam box. But I found you. Thanks Alyssa – I hope you really enjoy making a Tadeo and I hope you send me a picture of your finished sculpture.


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