How Tadeo Wants to Help Fight against Human Trafficking

How Tadeo Wants to Help Fight against Human Trafficking

This December 2015 and January 2016, I am offering to donate every $5.00 of a Tadeo Turtle book purchased, either through my website, from a bookstore or on-line.

If you order from somewhere other than my website just send me a picture of your receipt and I will put $5.00 into the fund.


Where is the money going?

My heart has been excited and sharpened to help Ratanak International which works to fight against human trafficking in Cambodia.

Ratanak is directly involved in many projects but part of our DNA is to support others… In the past people have said “Ratanak is the only NGO we know of that funds the competition” (their words not ours).” In so many ways they are right. We will seek to bless and empower other Christians who love and serve Cambodia and who do it well. It is not about empire building but rather maturity in missions demands that we put our natural human desires aside and focus on one thing… serving in anyway possible to assist Cambodians. This can sometimes feel counter intuitive but genuine cooperation and the support of others is often where we encounter blessing and where the riches are to be found. (from their blog)

The goal of the founder, Brian McConaghy,  is “Keep pushing ahead, saving one life at a time, in the name of Jesus Christ.”

Here is the story how Ratanak got involved in confronting sexual exploitation.

Watch Children for Sale –


To order:

ON my website: A signed copy of Tadeo Turtle  $13.00 plus shipping Continental US and Canada – Use paypal or credit card

Tadeo Turtle On

Tadeo Turtle On


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