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Creative Saturdays – Paper Plate (Styrofoam) Tadeo Turtle

Creative Saturdays – Paper Plate (Styrofoam) Tadeo Turtle

This week I will be teaching Sunday School at a neighbouring church. I will read Tadeo Turtle, do some singing and a little storytelling. We will be making the paper plate Tadeo.

Paper Plate Tadeo Turtle

There are many ways to make a paper plate turtle.

Today I am using the following materials:

        • two small styrofoam plates (paper plates are great too)
        • tissue paper of a variety of colours (get reds, yellows, purples, greens,)
        • construction paper or card stock paper (any colour)
        • scissors
        • white glue
        • stapler
        • googly eyes
        • crayons or markers or paint


Cut the tissue paper. I didn’t have many colours on hand but these seemed to work fine. I cut it in squares but it doesn’t matter. Cut any shapes you want.

Tissue Paper for paper plate Tadeo Turtle

Place the tissue paper one piece at a time on the shell. Overlap. Cover the whole shell.

Cover the plate with tissue

Cut out the head, 4 legs, and a tail.

Draw and cut out the shapes

Colour the head, legs and tail.

Cut out the parts and colour them.

Staple the appendages to the bottom shell. Add googly eyes.

Staple the parts to the body

Place the top shell over the bottom shell and staple the turtle together.  Mark the toes on each foot.

Paper Plate Tadeo Turtle

Paper Plate Tadeo Turtle

Here is another turtle that I made while attending “Turtle Day” at an art gallery. Let the children’s imagination take over for shapes, colour and detail.

PP Paper Plate Tadeo Turtle 2

Have fun.

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