Battle for the Soul of Canada Bible Study

Battle for the Soul of Canada Bible Study

The PDF for Seeking God’s Solution for a Spirit-filled Canada is no longer available.

However, the Bible study for Ed Hird’s book Battle For the Soul of Canada is still available by clicking the following.

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Here is the Amazon link: Canadian – print edition

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Using 6 excerpts from Ed Hird’s book, Battle for the Soul of Canada, Janis leads you through discovering how to be Timothys and Timotheas. Based on 1 and 2 Timothy, this study will quicken your spirits to allowing God to lead you in your lives to work for His glory.

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This Bible study will inspire you to listen to God, trust Christ, and follow His lead.

Using the study will help your group (or you, yourself) discover how God can grow you to become leaders. Pastors and teachers are not the only ones intended to be leaders; many other Christians are called to leadership roles. We must continue to keep growing in our knowledge and love of God so that we can hear what He wants us to do.

As Rev. Hird says, “Canada is a wonderful gift that is worth standing on guard for! How are we going to help keep Canada strong and free?

Each session in this study starts with a Scripture. The rest of the session is laid out under the headings:-Read Excerpted Chapter from Battle for the Soul of Canada by Ed Hird-Points to Ponder-Thoughts to Consider-Delve Deeper into the Bible-Brainstorming.