Are you feeling stressed at this time of year? I can help.

There is something that we do as believers that we shouldn’t. We get stressed. Do you know ways to lessen that stress? I have joined with fellow Christian authors to put together a bundle of digital products that can help you lessen that stress. It’s called Too Blessed to Be Stressed. We have over 25… Continue reading Are you feeling stressed at this time of year? I can help.

God Wants You Strong

Today as I read Ephesians 6:10-20, I heard, “Take a fresh look.” I looked at different versions. The Message helped me look deeper than the familiar words. “God is strong and he wants you strong.” I love that God wants me strong. “Be prepared. You’re up against far more than you can handle.” Always read… Continue reading God Wants You Strong

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Can You Help?

I have sent this request via my newsletter. But you are my other way to get the word out. If you get two emails, I apologize. My goodness!! Our hearts cry out!! Such a time the world is in. Many of the scriptures I have been reading remind me of the atrocities happening in Ukraine,… Continue reading Can You Help?

Study the Bible using ABCs

When I start into studying a verse using the S.I.M.P.L.E. Method of Bible Study, I feel different. I tried to put my feelings into words this morning. My thoughts and words came out in an abecedarian poem. Aphabetical Study Alphabetical study of God’s WordBecomes a place toConcentrate Dig deeper Effectively Fresh ideasGod-taught Heaven appearsInvites me in… Continue reading Study the Bible using ABCs

Give, It Releases Stress

It’s been a month since I posted last. I have continued to write a few poems about my cancer journey. Most of my time, other than appointments, has been spent on learning more about book publishing and marketing. But this is the month to think to GIVE. Jesus came to give His life for us.… Continue reading Give, It Releases Stress

Between the Crosses

“Between the crosses, row on row”, from “In Flanders Fields” by John McCrae. That poem always stirs my thoughts to my Dad and how with God’s help, he survived his time in WWII. My sister and I are grateful for our parents who instilled in us how to love one another, how to accept all… Continue reading Between the Crosses

Keep Calm with Faith

My Cancer Journey If you have been following me on my breast cancer journey, this poem about keeping calm was written early in my diagnosis. Tomorrow, I am booked for surgery. My faith has continued to keep me calm and in touch with Jesus. I have chosen to write in an abecedarian form of poetry… Continue reading Keep Calm with Faith

The Plan

But Here I Stand With a Plan Today I met with the surgeon. She is wonderful. It’s good to talk to someone about a plan. I will have a lumpectomy and then radiation.The date should be November 5 but could be changed. I would appreciate prayer. I wrote this poem before I knew exactly what… Continue reading The Plan