Give, It Releases Stress

It’s been a month since I posted last. I have continued to write a few poems about my cancer journey. Most of my time, other than appointments, has been spent on learning more about book publishing and marketing. But this is the month to think to GIVE. Jesus came to give His life for us.… Continue reading Give, It Releases Stress

Holiday Gifts 2020

Hi there, I have a special surprise for you. Are you looking for holiday gifts 2020? Here is your chance to check out and support Christian authors. Twenty-seven authors have joined together to have Holiday Gift Guide for you. Please take a look. Click here. Holiday-Gift-Guide-2020 Yes, my little devotional is in there too. Growing… Continue reading Holiday Gifts 2020

What Success is To You   

 The Daytime Lives of the Ladies of the Night Our last author on the tour is once again Toni Crowe. She wants to tell us what success is to you. The Daytime Lives of the Ladies of the Night is the follow-up to the debut memoir by Toni Crowe. The Daytime Lives makes you think about your life and your definition of success. … Continue reading What Success is To You   

Why Was She Missing Christmas?

Missing Christmas On our journey to meet new authors, we once again encounter Marcia Laycock with a new book, Christmas. Christmas by Marcia Lee Laycock is a collection of short stories that will take you from the far reaches of the galaxy to the edge of the Arctic Circle and the streets of the inner city. The miracle of Christmas is… Continue reading Why Was She Missing Christmas?

What is The Secret Ingredient?

The Secret Ingredient  On our march towards Christmas we are delighted to welcome PJ Paulson, author of Summer of the Phoenix. What is the secret ingredient? In 2002, “it hit the fan,” as they say. I lost my job while a quirky medical condition progressed. My romance was on its last legs. I lived in town while… Continue reading What is The Secret Ingredient?

How to Grow Closer to God in 2019

Grow Closer to God We are journeying through 12 Days of Christmas. Today we meet Kevin Cunningham who has written Time with God, how to grow closer to God. The Time with God book by Kevin T. Cunningham, is designed to help us grow closer to God and to build confidence and consistency in our personal prayer lives.… Continue reading How to Grow Closer to God in 2019

How to Find Love in the Room

Love in the Room by Marcia Lee Laycock  We are continuing our 12 Days of Christmas. We join Marcia Lee Laycock, author of Love in the Room. The symbols and images of Christmas can slip by us because they are so familiar. In Love In The Room, award winning author, Marcia Lee Laycock, brings those images into focus… Continue reading How to Find Love in the Room

How to Celebrate Who You Are

All About Tadeo Turtle Do you feel you are special? Is there a time when you have felt unloved? Have you felt that you are not good enough? Or you have wanted to be or act like someone else? Children have the same struggles. That’s how competition makes for hurt feelings and inadequacy. Tadeo Turtle… Continue reading How to Celebrate Who You Are

12 Days of Christmas

Tomorrow we start Twelve Days of Christmas We have 12 days to read 12 Days of Christmas and find out what authors are writing. I hope you enjoy the articles. In the meantime you can download for 99 cents on Amazon Kindle, Living Life One Word at a Time. Tell me your thoughts and whether… Continue reading 12 Days of Christmas

Stockings: Drawing Shouldn’t Be Complicated

33 Dots: Stockings “And the stockings were hung by the chimney with care in the hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.” Christmas has come and gone but not the spirit of Christmas – that’s what should last all year. Today I drew my 33 dots again. This time I saw the stockings immediately.… Continue reading Stockings: Drawing Shouldn’t Be Complicated