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Stockings: Drawing Shouldn’t Be Complicated

33 Dots: Stockings

“And the stockings were hung by the chimney with care in the hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.”

Christmas has come and gone but not the spirit of Christmas – that’s what should last all year.

Today I drew my 33 dots again. This time I saw the stockings immediately.




Although some people think that Santa shouldn’t be part of Christmas, I disagree. I think that the giving part of Santa should stay alive. As long as we don’t put “getting” before “giving” we will be okay.

On the top of the mantel is the true meaning of Christmas, the Babe, Jesus, arrived in the flesh. The Incarnation. God with us.

I love the story called “Santa’s Favorite Story”. Santa is worn out, but discovers that he can find happiness again in giving as he remembers the true meaning of Christmas. Simple but powerful.

A gift opens the way
and ushers the giver into the presence of the great (Proverbs 18:16, NIV).

You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God (2 Corinthians 9:11, NIV).

Let’s keep the giving alive at Christmas. But let’s put to rest the getting.

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Janis is a creativity catalyst with a heart to connect people to God. She specializes in creating art based on Scripture so that the Truth penetrates hearts and not just minds.The world needs more pictures, art and colour.

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Embrace: Five Minute Friday

The word for Friday at 5 Minute Fridays was embrace. I couldn’t put together 5 minutes to write since Friday. Now I have those 5 minutes and I will try.

Here goes:

When I saw the word embrace my first thought was a hug. I love hugging – my family and close friends. I’m not as keen on hugging strangers but it’s getting easier. There is something better about a hug than a hand shake. And probably less germs too.


But then I thought of the word embrace to reach out, grasp and make it my own. That has happened this past year. Before I did things but never really put my whole heart and soul into it. This year I doing that.

When I start my day, I ask God to show me people, events or even news items that He wants me to deal with. Sometimes it is in prayer. Sometimes a word. Sometimes an email.

As I go about doing my “stuff” I try to focus on what I am doing – not let my mind wander in all those other directions that it tends to do.

Focus – embrace. I think they go together.

This year I hired a coach. I needed to learn to focus on certain things. We talk about that. We pray about that. Then I get down to business.

Two books have made an impact on my focus. The Art of Work by Jeff Goins and The Story of With by Allen Arnold. Both say to me that God can inspire me and can lead me where He wants me to go.


Iridescent flowers by Janis Cox

I have been embracing my art, both watercolour and writing, – the gifts God has given me. I have been practising to make them better. I joined #ScribblePicnic to help with my art inspiration. I said yes to Brenda Poulos to do the illustrations for her new book coming out soon. I published a Bible study that has only been available in PDF.

So I embrace all of life – all that God is offering me.

I want to embrace my Saviour with my heart, mind, spirit and soul and in that way embrace the life He has given me. (tweet this)

Time’s up. Your turn. What do you think of when you hear the word “embrace”.


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Umbrella: Scribble Picnic

Umbrella: Scribble Picnic

Here it is Wednesday and Scribble Picnic day. Our word for this week is UMBRELLA.

We have been in Arizona for 4 months and have had the wettest winter ever. That’s not saying we have had much rain but we have had more rain that we have ever had. A few times we actually had to use our umbrella while walking our little dog, Snowball.

She doesn’t take advantage of the shelter of the umbrella and comes home completely bedraggled and dirty from all the dust in Arizona.



One day I captured a rainbow after a short rain storm. And last week we had hail – I heard the grass in some areas was white.


So the picture I painted I used micro pens and watercolour pencil. A quick sketch from my memory of holding an umbrella. And believe it or not I did it at 2am again – this time because my jaw was throbbing from a dental appointment. (lost a crown on back tooth) The girl is heading into the wind but turned to have her picture taken.


Join us for #Scribblepicnic each Wednesday. This week the prompt is UMBRELLA. @dotty_hill (click to tweet)


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Lenten Review 2016

Lenten Review 2016 – Word of God Speak Linkup

This is a Lenten review 2016. For each week this year I used my S.I.M.P.L.E. Bible Study Method to study each verse. Then I painted in my Bible. I am trying to memorize these scriptures too.

Lent One: Read Mark 9:14-29

Memory Verse

Mark 9:23  “‘If you can’?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for one who believes.”

I Believe – If you can, I can.

I know that I am grateful that I believe, grateful for Jesus.

Lenten Review 2016

Lent Two: Read Mark 10:32-34

Memory Verse

Proverbs 28:1 The wicked flee though no one pursues,
    but the righteous are as bold as a lion.

Jesus Leads the Way – Follow Him

Reading through the passage made me see the word resolute, and determined. Learning from Jesus I need to be bold as well.

Lenten Review 2016

Lent Three: Read Mark 11:27-33

Memory Verse

Colossians 1:17 He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.

Time, how God can expand it.

I learned to submit to His authority and time expands to get done what He needs me to do.

Lenten Review 2016

Lent Four: Read Mark 12:41-44

Memory Verse

Mark 12:44  “They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything—all she had to live on.”

Put in Everything

To give without expecting to get anything back.

Lenten Review 2016

Read Mark 14:3-9

Memory Verse

Mark 14:9 “Truly I tell you, wherever the gospel is preached throughout the world, what she has done will also be told, in memory of her.”

Alabaster Jar – Giving it All to Jesus

I know I will worship Jesus by studying, praising and proclaiming His Word.

Lenten Review 2016Read Mark 14:66-72

Memory Verse

Mark 14:72 Immediately the rooster crowed the second time. Then Peter remembered the word Jesus had spoken to him: “Before the rooster crows twice you will disown me three times.” And he broke down and wept.

Peter’s Lesson

A look at how fear can cripple us. We need to be as bold as lions, not afraid. Or at least if we are afraid not to stop – but move forward with God at our side.
Lenten Review 2016

A look at 6 scriptures in pictures for Lent 2016 (click here to tweet this)

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Living-Life-CoverWeb5 Ways God Changed Me

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Bible painting – Lesson 2 – Can you do this? Yes you can.

Bible painting – Lesson 2 – Can you do this? Yes you can. Word of God Speak Linkup

Do you want to learn how to do Bible painting? Some people call this Bible Journaling. I hope today to show you it is not as intimidating as it sounds. Stick with me and I will try to show you why.

I love to do Bible painting. (tweet this)

We will continue to review the scriptures we have studied. Last week I found the review helpful. I hope you did too.

Bible painting - memorizing scripture

When I have a word, thought or picture to go with a scripture I am more likely to remember it. (tweet this)

I am trying to type the words in this blog rather than cut and paste. I find cutting and pasting does not help me to learn the scripture.

And of course painting – this helps solidify where in the Bible the scripture comes and as I paint I repeat the words. The pictures are in my mind.

This week we will look at my Bible painting for three scriptures (you can click on the links to find my thoughts and study for each scripture:

Romans 15:13 – How can we find peace this Christmas?

Bible painting Romans 15:13

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

My life application:

I see a revival, a passion for hope, love, joy and peace in this world.

Nothing can stop God from moving in His people – NO THING.


Luke 11:28  Word of God Speak (my first one)

Blessed rather are those who hear the Word of God and obey it.

Bible painting - Hebrews 11:28


My life application:

So OBEY has been the word I heard clearly today.

Hebrews 4:12 – Word of God Speak – Cut to the Quick

For the Word of God is living and active, sharper than any double-edged sword it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.

Bible painting Hebrews 4:12

My life application:

I think what I am learning is that the Holy Spirit makes God’s Word come alive. Any passage will help me with instruction or correction. And God will ensure that he leads me to the passage I need to study for that day.

Tips for being able to do Bible painting.

  1. Outline first in pencil.
  2. Then use micron pens. I use number 01.Bible painting
  3. Use watercolour pencils to colour in where you want colour.
  4.  Here is a quick post that explains a watercolour pencil technique.
  5. Use water after you have finished with the watercolour pencils. A tiny bit goes a long way.

I would love to see your results. The whole idea is to learn scripture. I purchased Bibles from the thrift store when I started, before I purchased my journaling Bible. They work well. I also keep forgetting to add the date to the page when I paint.

Have you tried this before? What were your thoughts? Did you find any problems? Do you have questions? I would love to hear from you.

On Facebook we have a Facebook group page called Word of God Speak Group Community. Just ask to join.



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Creative Saturdays – Sponge Painting – Tadeo Turtle

Creative Saturdays – Sponge Painting – Tadeo Turtle

There is a linky below in which to link your creative kids ideas or your kids’ pictures or crafts. Let’s build a creative kids’ community. 


I know that we can use sponges to paint around shapes and make a picture. But today I thought I would use sponge painting for a background to a picture. I used the flat side, the edges and even squeezed out the paint.

Kids love sponges. The best ones of course are the sea sponges – they have lots of texture. This time I used the regular sponges – cut in small pieces. I used the three primary colours – each one in a separate container. That way you won’t make “mud”.


Here are a couple of beginning pictures of the process.


In this one I started to squeeze out the paint and use the edges.



And then the final product.


Don’t forget to send me your child’s pictures. Send them to Janis Cox and I will put them up in the Children’s Gallery.

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Tadeo Turtle by Janis Cox

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Creative Saturdays – Blowing Watercolour

Once again I am adding a linky on the bottom of the post. If you have creative ideas for children please link below. No recipes. Just artwork please.

Creative Saturdays – Blowing Watercolour

This week at my art lesson we were shown a technique for getting interesting lines in watercolour. It is a very simple method – one blows the paint around.



  • Paints
  • Brushes
  • Watercolour Paper


Wet the paper using a spray bottle. Don’t wet everywhere.


Mix the paint so that it is of a milky consistency – not too thin.

Drop the paint into the water puddles. You can add different colours.

Then get down really close to the painting and start to blow. Blow in all directions.



BW-Blow-first-colours BW-blowing BW-final-blowing
You can also use your finger tip wet with water and move the paint around a little if you would like more variety.

Wait for the paint to dry.

Then you can add your picture. Or just leave it as a lovely abstract. Sometimes you will be able to find shapes and make a picture from that.

Or you can draw a picture first; then cover it with paper towel while you drop paint and blow around it.

Have fun and experiment.


Don’t forget to send me your child’s pictures. Send them to Janis Cox and I will put them up in the Children’s Gallery.

Please check out more about my book Tadeo Turtle on Tadeo’s Page. You will find more activities at the back of my book. And a 24-page curriculum is available if you ask.

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Tadeo Turtle by Janis Cox

To find more craft ideas from He Cares for Us go to Crafts for Kids.

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Creative Saturdays – Stencil Turtles

This is an update of an older post. But I loved making the stencil turtles.

Creative Saturdays – Stencil Tadeo Turtle

A few posts ago I showed how to use plastic wrap to make a background. But today I have cut out the shapes of 3 different turtles and then made the background. After that I outlined the turtles and painted each one.

stencil turtles


      • Watercolour paper (is best)
      • Paints (watercolour or tempera)
      • Brushes (one fat, one skinny)
      • Plastic Wrap
      • Card Stock Paper
      • Scissors
      • Tape


Check out pictures of your subject – this time I did different turtles (not a painted turtle).

Here is a great page of images for turtles.

Draw the outline of your subjects. No detail necessary.

Cut out the shapes.

Tape them to the watercolour paper. Mine are similar to an eastern box turtle, a Florida box turtle and a sea turtle. I say similar because when you paint them you can let your imagination take over.

stencil turtles

Take a large brush filled with water and with the brush cover all the spots where the shapes are not.

While the paper is still wet – drop lots of colour into the paper. The more colour the more vibrant the background. Use only the primary colours – and they will mix on the paper.

stencil turtles


While still wet scrunch up pieces of plastic wrap and place all over the page. I keep a jar of plastic wrap I have used before. You can use it again and again.

stencil turtles

Cover with heavy books. WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. This is the hardest part.

When you peel off the saran if the paper is still wet use a hair dryer to make sure it is perfectly dry.

stencil turtles

stencil turtles

Take a marker and draw around each shape.

stencil turtles

Paint each shape with the details.

stencil turtles

Find out how to make STENCIL TURTLES. (Tweet this)

Don’t forget to send me your child’s pictures. Send them to Janis Cox and I will put them up in the Children’s Gallery.

Please check out more about my book Tadeo Turtle on Tadeo’s Page. You will find more activities at the back of my book. And a 24-page curriculum is available if you ask.


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stencil turtlesstencil turtlesstencil turtles





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Crafting Saturdays – Woven Tadeo Turtle

Today I am showing a craft that can be modified for little ones or older ones. For the little ones make the paintings large and cut the strips large as well. The little ones can cut straight lines. For older children, the pictures can be more intricate.

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Woven Tadeo Turtle

Finished Woven Tadeo Turtle – by Janis Cox

I painted this picture using watercolours. Tempera Paint would work well too.

1. Paint two pictures that are similar.

They don’t have to be identical because they could end up as a lovely design instead. But today I painted two similar pictures of Tadeo. I used complementary colours so they would blend well.

Woven Tadeo painting background


When I first paint a picture I paint the underpainting – spattering colours on wet paper – (this is not necessary for this craft but thought I would show you what I did).

picture one I then painted the first picture. For the background I used wet paint and plastic wrap to make the trees, leaves, bushes (at least give the idea of that). You can see more about using plastic wrap in Tissue Tadeo.

I did the same for the second picture – so now I have two pictures. Here is the second one.

Woven Tadeo picture 2

 2. One picture for the frame. One picture to weave with.

Now you have 2 similar pictures. One will be the frame for weaving and one will be the strips.

woven Tadeo cutting side oneThis is cutting the frame. Notice I put masking tape at the top to warn me NOT to cut all the way through. But go right up to the tape.

Woven Tadeo Cutting side 2

Next cut the second picture into strips. Cut these all the way through. I used masking tape to show you the pieces  (they kept flipping over).

You don’t need to use the masking tape. Cut the strips from the second picture the opposite way to the first picture. These are the weaving strips. I also numbered them as I cut them. You could number them on the front for the little children (but I numbered on the back).

3. Now to the weaving part.

This is fun. It is the under/over weaving.. You will not use all the strips. So decide which ones you want to use. I think I cut 11 and used 8 strips.

Woven Tadeo - beginning to weavePush each strip up as tightly as you can to the next one. If you want you can put a little masking tape to hold it at the end. As you travel down your picture decide whether to leave out a strip.

Woven Tadeo  - almost finishedHere I am almost done. Now look at the legs of Tadeo – you can hardly see them. I decided I wanted to see the legs. So I cut out the weave that was covering the leg.

woven Tadeo cutting out partsNow the feet can be seen. You can cut out any areas that you wish. I used a knife – but little scissors would work too.

On the back use tape to hold down the pieces because once they are cut they might fall out.

Woven Tadeo turtle - the backAnd there you have it Woven Tadeo Turtle. Of course, your child does not need to paint a turtle. I happen to be stuck on turtles right now. Any painting will do. I did one of palm trees.

Final Picture ready for Framing

Woven Tadeo Turtle

Finished Woven Tadeo Turtle – by Janis Cox