Creative Saturdays – Stencil Turtles

This is an update of an older post. But I loved making the stencil turtles.

Creative Saturdays – Stencil Tadeo Turtle

A few posts ago I showed how to use plastic wrap to make a background. But today I have cut out the shapes of 3 different turtles and then made the background. After that I outlined the turtles and painted each one.

stencil turtles


      • Watercolour paper (is best)
      • Paints (watercolour or tempera)
      • Brushes (one fat, one skinny)
      • Plastic Wrap
      • Card Stock Paper
      • Scissors
      • Tape


Check out pictures of your subject – this time I did different turtles (not a painted turtle).

Here is a great page of images for turtles.

Draw the outline of your subjects. No detail necessary.

Cut out the shapes.

Tape them to the watercolour paper. Mine are similar to an eastern box turtle, a Florida box turtle and a sea turtle. I say similar because when you paint them you can let your imagination take over.

stencil turtles

Take a large brush filled with water and with the brush cover all the spots where the shapes are not.

While the paper is still wet – drop lots of colour into the paper. The more colour the more vibrant the background. Use only the primary colours – and they will mix on the paper.

stencil turtles


While still wet scrunch up pieces of plastic wrap and place all over the page. I keep a jar of plastic wrap I have used before. You can use it again and again.

stencil turtles

Cover with heavy books. WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. This is the hardest part.

When you peel off the saran if the paper is still wet use a hair dryer to make sure it is perfectly dry.

stencil turtles

stencil turtles

Take a marker and draw around each shape.

stencil turtles

Paint each shape with the details.

stencil turtles

Find out how to make STENCIL TURTLES. (Tweet this)

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stencil turtlesstencil turtlesstencil turtles





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