Connecting the Dots

33 Dots that’s how it started – connecting the dots Someone mentioned how God is good at connecting the dots in their lives. I agree with that. When I look back in my life, I see when God was there even though I didn’t know it. My artwork challenge of 33 dots expands my mind,… Continue reading Connecting the Dots

Advent Week Four – Love

This is Advent Week Five. The focus is on LOVE. Love came down in the form of a BABE. God gave His only Son to us. The Incarnation. Love at its highest. Love at its highest. By reading through God’s Word we can know more and more about this love. And we also learn how… Continue reading Advent Week Four – Love

Freedom to Live – Sunday Stillness Link

By reading scripture every day I am starting to see God’s plan – clearer. Join us at Growing through God’s Word Facebook Group. Let’s find the freedom to live. Today these are the passages I studied: Psalm 63:1-8; Numbers 13:1-2, 17-14:9; Matthew 17:22-27 In the Psalm, I loved the first verse, You, God, are my… Continue reading Freedom to Live – Sunday Stillness Link

The Mighty Planner – a poem

A Poem The poem, “The Mighty Planner”, below was inspired after reading scripture. Lord God Mighty Planner Ruler of all From Creation through to  New Creation You knew everything before it happened The Tabernacle built to Your specifications Every part of it every detail made for a reason Even John the Baptist’s death with his… Continue reading The Mighty Planner – a poem

How Can an Abecedarian Poem Free Us?

An Abecedarian poem I didn’t feel free to write poetry. But God did. A new type of poetry, abecedarian, kickstarted my love of poetry. These past months I have written many poems as I read and studied scripture. I started a 3-year Bible plan in the spring. Each day I read 3 scriptures. I use… Continue reading How Can an Abecedarian Poem Free Us?

How You Can Find Home When You Have Lost Your Way

A look at The Kingdom of Thrim Have you every lost your way? Have you had a time where you made a hasty decision? Have you ever made financial decisions that were not good ones? Do you listen to God on a daily basis? A Purposeful Faith We want our children to have a strong… Continue reading How You Can Find Home When You Have Lost Your Way

Why is that cell phone addictive?

 And is a cell phone making you anti-social? Let me tell you about the dangers of the cell phone and screen time. This post was originally posted on You can find me there most of the time. Photo by William Iven on Unsplash Click on the photo to listen to the podcast.Or click on Hope Stream Radio podcast.… Continue reading Why is that cell phone addictive?