Studying Can Help

How Studying God’s Word Can Help

I have been reading the Bible every day for over 20 years and studying it. Writing what I hear helps me to have a clear mind and thought. Although I have been diagnosed with Cancer – Stage 1, I feel strong with God. I started to write poetry about this journey and will share another one with you today.

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I Study

I know Jesus that
You are in charge

I look to You for strength
I look to You for comfort

As I sit after studying Your Word
The vastness of the Word
Astounds me
Understanding it would take more than a lifetime

Each day a new nugget appears:

“Do nothing out of favouritism.” (1 Timothy 5:21, NIV)

I see this broken every day

The world is full of favouritism
You scratch my back
I’ll scratch yours
Under the table deals

What happened to righteousness?

O, Lord, reveal evil practices
Open wide the cracks
Let truth pour out

You have the plan, Lord
What part do you want me to play?

I am listening
I will act.

October 5, 2021
@Janis Cox 2021


Hi everyone,

Since I am trying to use my blog again to get my story out about my cancer treatment, I am facing more challenges. I seem to have two email lists. One is working but the other one does not appear to be.

Would you do me a favour and respond to the notification you get by email? If you are reading this on my blog do not worry about it.

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