The Plan

But Here I Stand With a Plan

stand with a plan
Photo by Guilherme Stecanella on Unsplash

Today I met with the surgeon. She is wonderful. It’s good to talk to someone about a plan. I will have a lumpectomy and then radiation.
The date should be November 5 but could be changed. I would appreciate prayer.

I wrote this poem before I knew exactly what will happen. But I still stand firm on God’s Word. I now know the next step and there is a plan. I am praising God the cancer was caught early. It’s Stage 1.

Psalm 26:12

“My feet stand on level ground; 
In the great assembly I will praise the LORD.”

As I stand firm
In God’s truth
The world may sway
But here I stand

I wait
For my next step

The goal He set before me
Is to excite others
To read His Word

Nothing can knock me over
Not even a cancer diagnosis
Because I have Jesus
Surrounding me.

October 4, 2021
@Janis Cox

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    1. Thanks Michelle, I think this is something we cannot hide under a bushel. Light has to be shone. And our faith has to shine too. Thanks for dropping by. I am so glad to reconnect.

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