My First True Christmas

The Story of My First True Christmas I recall the time that I met Jesus, the day of His birth on my first true Christmas. Christmas Card 2020 by Janis Cox When did the Christmas Story take hold of me? One Christmas Eve, we visited a different church in our small town. It was dark when we… Continue reading My First True Christmas

Advent Week Three – Joy

So many scriptures have the word “joy” in them. I read that “joy” is found 155 times in KJV. This is Advent Week Three – Joy Therefore, Joy must be important to God. He created us to feel that emotion. He also blessed us with the Holy Spirit so we can feel joy even when… Continue reading Advent Week Three – Joy

What Can Be Learned From a Feast With Fish?

A lesson in abundant living with Jesus I haven’t had much time to write in the past week. We travelled to our winter residence in Arizona this past week. Getting ready, flying, opening up the house and shopping all take time. I think I am finally able to sit at the computer and write. This… Continue reading What Can Be Learned From a Feast With Fish?

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What Will Heaven Look Like?

Image by Pixabay One thing I am sure of — we will not be floating on clouds with the angels. We will have an earth. But it will be different. Come with me as I travel through some scripture to figure out how this will look. First, look at water Water — we have lots of water on this planet. Actually,… Continue reading What Will Heaven Look Like?

Why is that cell phone addictive?

 And is a cell phone making you anti-social? Let me tell you about the dangers of the cell phone and screen time. This post was originally posted on You can find me there most of the time. Photo by William Iven on Unsplash Click on the photo to listen to the podcast.Or click on Hope Stream Radio podcast.… Continue reading Why is that cell phone addictive?