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Sunflowers for Ukraine by Janis Cox
Sunflowers for Ukraine by Janis Cox

My goodness!! Our hearts cry out!!

Such a time the world is in. Many of the scriptures I have been reading remind me of the atrocities happening in Ukraine, the pleas of the Psalmists – crying out to God – help us.

I must start with a prayer;

Heavenly Father, our hearts are saddened with what we see and hear happening in Ukraine. Our emotions are in turmoil seeing such evil. And we feel helpless to stop it. But you are showing us ways to help. Awaken our hearts, our eyes and our ears to other ways to help the people and the country.

We pray for Your hand on everything. We cry out to you to take action the way you have done before throughout history. We thank You for the courage of the Ukrainian people. We continue to pray for You to intervene. We thank You for the courage and faith of the Believers in Ukraine. We ask You to help us help those who have had to leave their country. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Women Together along with others are sponsoring 20 refugees from Ukraine.

One of the women is Nataliya Nikolenko. She is coming with her caregiver, Anya Kozub. 

This is Nataliya Nikolenko – a special needs woman. Nataliya has no arms or legs but is very talented. She is well known in Ukraine because of her paintings.

Art work by Nataliya Nikolenko .

She paints while holding a paintbrush in her teeth. She’s been honoured on national television in Ukraine as a “Hero of Ukraine’.
Loads of Love Ministry is bringing them to Sarnia. They will be part of the group attending Bethel Church, in Sarnia.

I have two ways that I believe you can help.

I painted a picture of sunflowers.

I wanted to do an auction but have no idea how to go about that. 

Instead, I have decided to sell my painting. Shipping costs will be high. This is for Canadian and mainland US residents only.

You can purchase it framed for $200.00
matted only for $150.00 

Please reply to this email if you wish to purchase my painting.

All monies will go to support 20 women who are arriving as refugees to Sarnia, Ontario. I will add a note explaining that you bought the painting to help support them.

Here is the framed picture


Direct Help 

Help the women and children arriving in Sarnia from Ukraine. Women Together along with a few others are sponsoring them. To find out more go here:

The donate button is HERE.

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