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study the Bible

When I start into studying a verse using the S.I.M.P.L.E. Method of Bible Study, I feel different. I tried to put my feelings into words this morning. My thoughts and words came out in an abecedarian poem.

Aphabetical Study

Alphabetical study of God’s Word
Becomes a place to

Dig deeper 

Fresh ideas

Heaven appears
Invites me in

Jesus opens the door
Kept closed by pride

Love flows

Multiply each day
Never before has the door been so 

Peek into Heaven
Quicken my heart
Rescue my soul
Seek refuge under His wing

Time stands still

Understanding awakens
Veracity shown

Words of God
eXcite me
Yearning increases my

@JanisCox 01/15/2022

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To Study the Bible

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Study the Bible

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