Are you feeling stressed at this time of year? I can help.

There is something that we do as believers that we shouldn’t. We get stressed. Do you know ways to lessen that stress? I have joined with fellow Christian authors to put together a bundle of digital products that can help you lessen that stress. It’s called Too Blessed to Be Stressed. We have over 25… Continue reading Are you feeling stressed at this time of year? I can help.

Give, It Releases Stress

It’s been a month since I posted last. I have continued to write a few poems about my cancer journey. Most of my time, other than appointments, has been spent on learning more about book publishing and marketing. But this is the month to think to GIVE. Jesus came to give His life for us.… Continue reading Give, It Releases Stress

Four Lessons Learned

Four Lessons from “The Little Engine That Could” A while ago I wrote this article on another platform. I thought you would enjoy it and learn what a little book can teach us. It’s amazing what lessons we can learn from children’s books. This past weekend I had the delightful job to read to my… Continue reading Four Lessons Learned

Stress? 9 Simple Ways To Reduce It

How Do You Handle Stress? Stress had grabbed my entire body. Recently I realized I had been making my days to be full with no time to just sit and breathe. I would either be on the computer, painting, doing woodworking, making meals, seeing shows, dancing, going for walks or at the gym. S I… Continue reading Stress? 9 Simple Ways To Reduce It

Three Ways to Surrender All to God

I want to Surrender to God but I don’t know How Today is 5-Minute Friday and the prompt is SURRENDER. Five minutes to write… Set the timer. GO. As I surrender to God I ask Him to give me the words to write. I think back – to the year 2000. That’s when I did… Continue reading Three Ways to Surrender All to God

Sunday Stillness – Jesus Calling -08/26

Sunday Stillness – Jesus Calling August 26. Join us for Sunday Stillness. Look up and receive the undisturbedness of the Lord Jesus. Come read some wonderful posts or join us by linky your posts.


Foundational Prayers by Jan Cox When I am at peace, resting in the Word of God, prayer comes easily. My brain and my heart engage together. I can do my daily prayers, my breath prayers and use all interruptions to speak to God. However, when a crisis happens, I am ill or I am stressed… Continue reading FOUNDATIONAL PRAYERS