Foundational Prayers

by Jan Cox

When I am at peace, resting in the Word of God, prayer comes easily. My brain and my heart engage together. I can do my daily prayers, my breath prayers and use all interruptions to speak to God.

However, when a crisis happens, I am ill or I am stressed from taking too much on, my brain and heart do not work well together. I feel at a loss and my prayer life falls apart. I then rely on others to pray for me.

This is not always true as sometimes real prayers from the heart emerge in times of deep suffering and stress.

However for the most part during these empty times I miss the Spirit that strengthens and heals me.

One solution that I have found to help me is foundational prayers.These words said as prayers can hold me up during these drought periods.

One is the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13 KJV) the other is the 23rd Psalm (Psalm 23 KJV). These have become my solid footing in time of need.

Having committed them to memory a long time ago, they can flow freely from my heart without my brain being fully engaged.

Do you have foundational prayers?

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My Gratitude List for the Week.

63. Two ducks in the garden treading carefully over the stones

64. Friends waiting for me at home

65. Family waiting for me at home

66. Quiet mornings with God

67. A friend seeking Christ

68. Walking in the sunshine with my husband and our dog, Snowball

69. Eating bananas – I love bananas


Thank You, Father, for your Word that is filled with the truth. We are grateful that Your words can fill us with peace, stir our hearts and challenge our minds. Continue to instill in us a desire to know You more. In Jesus’ name. AMEN