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Three Ways to Surrender All to God

I want to Surrender to God but I don’t know How

Today is 5-Minute Friday and the prompt is SURRENDER. Five minutes to write… Set the timer. GO.


Photo by Jared Erondu on Unsplash

As I surrender to God I ask Him to give me the words to write. I think back – to the year 2000. That’s when I did life mostly all by myself. I felt as if my stress level was huge.

I felt burdened with the cares of this world.


But the Lord turned me around and gave me this scripture that I have memorized from 1 Peter 5:7.

“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”

That’s exactly what I needed to do. And I did. The pain went away. I slept well. I didn’t worry about much any more, because I knew  – I really knew that God had it under control.

And the next memorized Scripture was:

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

To surrender takes work. It takes time. It takes trust.

My life has changed. Yours can too. Surrender to God.

Are you stressed? Do you feel as if you life is out of control? Do you want to be closer to Jesus? Do you need to surrender to Jesus?

I’m working to help you. At the moment I have two ways to help you find the way to surrender to Him.

  1. I run a Facebook Group that is safe, and comfortable. It’s where we can grow closer to God; where we can study His Word. Join us. Growing Through God’s Word.
  2. There is an exciting opportunity for all believers to dig deeper into their faith. We will be studying David Kitz’s book, “The Soldier Who Killed a King”. Starting February 14. But for the next 6 days we are offering free books as well (for as long as they last). So join us. Book study With David Kitz and Janis Cox. 


3 Ways to Surrender All

  1. Get up with God. Pray and connect. Go to bed with God. Pray and thank Him for the day.
  2. Pick up your Bible and read something. Then journal, draw and/or meditate on it throughout the day.
  3. Join somewhere with believers. I have given you 2 ideas. There are many more.

If any one needs prayer, please feel free to contact me. (Email Janis).


Why Do I Need to Study in Community?

A Look at Group Study with others

The prompt for Five Minute Friday is NEED. Time is 5 minutes to write my thoughts. Here goes.

Okay so I did it again. I thought this sounded familiar. But here is another post about NEED. I guess I am ahead of myself this week. Tomorrow is Friday. 🙂 Feels like it as the US has a holiday today. Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends.


Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

This week there has been much study and thought from a book and Facebook Book Group about the psalms. We are using Psalms Alive by David Kitz. I realized how much need we have to study His Word.

I knew it before but having a group of people study these psalms with me, I realized how much we need to be in fellowship and community together.

Studying by myself is great – I really learn a lot.

But I learn more and deeper in community. I need this.

By looking and listening to the thoughts of others, and by seeing their pictures, collages, and music, my mind and spirit expand.

Reading David’s book, which is fabulous in itself, helps, but add to it reading the scripture passage – that adds the truth of God’s Word – into my heart and soul. Both together have been inspiring and uplifting.

These are the scriptures we have studied so far: Psalm 19, Psalm 23, Psalm 32, Psalm 46, Psalm 67, and Psalm 84.

Here are a few samples of the wonderful interpretations we have been seeing:



By Lila Diller, interpretation of Psalm 84:5-9


By Violet Nesdoly, Psalm 84

The words from David’s book that inspired above picture:

these birds are not just visiting; they are not passing through. They have made God’s house their home. This is their nesting place. Here they will raise their family.


by Connie Inglis “The God of the universe is calling the peoples of the world to a festival of praise.” This chapter reminded me of the people group that we are translating the Bible for in Southeast Asia–a church of only around 50 believers praising God in a difficult environment–giving their people the Word to study and to sing.

The above picture shows how great the need is in this world to hear His Voice. Thanks to those who spend time translating the Bible into different languages.

Time’s up….

Writing for Five Minute Friday (although it was Thursday and the wrong week).


Call to Action:

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Please join us at our interactive Growing Through God’s Word Private Facebook Group.

We share. We learn. We create. We connect. We grow.


Ruth Snyder – Psalm 84

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Why Should We Work Together?

by Jan Cox

Living in Community

As I studied different animals for my children’s book’s curriculum, two things became clear to me:

      •  most animals live in community
      •  most animals live in families

I love this video of how a community can work together. Watch elephants work together.

We can also see that humans have broken that pattern in North America. Humans have become:

      • isolated in their big homes, with their busy lives and even church denominations have been hidden behind their doors
      • we see a rising rate of family breakdowns

I believe God wants us to have community in both these areas.

At (In)Courage, a Christian community for the Internet, the focus has been to build communities. Great!

I believe we need to do that for every facet of our lives.

All those in the arts (musicians, artists, and writers) can become isolated because of their craft. We need to band together. The Word Guild and Inscribe are excellent cross-Canadian groups for writers and editors who are Christian.

The idea of banding together took I new turn for me in the last couple of weeks. Two friends and I have joined together, as writers of children’s books, to form a new community called Family and Faith Matters. We formed it in order to support one another and for families. I will explain this in the months to come.

In the same way, no one ministry has all the answers. I have been watching as our churches in Haliburton have started to ban together ecumenically to support one another. Praise the Lord for opening doors and guiding the leaders.


We are made for community. Jesus commanded that we love one another.

Let us pray for community. May God open our eyes to our similarities and close our eyes to our differences. May we be One in Him.


Father we have become isolated from one another – even our churches. Help us to reach out to one another, as Christ followers, in all areas of our ministry and our lives. In Jesus’ name. AMEN.

My Gratitude List for this week – counting to 2000. I am at 1809.

        • approved proof copy of Tadeo
        • colour is magnified this autumn – just beautiful

Fall in Haliburton

        • last Bible study until the spring – what a wonderful group of women
        • preparing for the family Thanksgiving weekend
        • rain – at least a little hopefully to fill up the county’s wells
        • family walks – stroller, dogs, and kids

A Walk in the Forest

        • family meals
        • chatter – lots of conversation on every topic imaginable
        • Hard Eucharisteo – my brother-in-law in the hospital – prayers go up
        • a praying church family
        • helpers for our turkey dinner – little hands to oil the bird
        • games and more games
        • colours in the forest

Colours in the Forest

        • late nights and I stayed awake and got up the next morning refreshed
        • granddaughter learning to play the piano
        • kids liking my new piano
        • great Thanksgiving dinner with roasted parsnips, squash, potatoes, broccoli, stuffing, yellow beans, turkey and gravy. Pie and ice cream for dessert.
        • the reddest tree and quite the reflection

Reddest Tree this Fall

        • Games of “Beans”
        • better news about brother-in-law – praise God
        • walking the baby in his stroller

Out for a Stroll


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