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Three Ways to Surrender All to God

I want to Surrender to God but I don’t know How

Today is 5-Minute Friday and the prompt is SURRENDER. Five minutes to write… Set the timer. GO.


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As I surrender to God I ask Him to give me the words to write. I think back – to the year 2000. That’s when I did life mostly all by myself. I felt as if my stress level was huge.

I felt burdened with the cares of this world.


But the Lord turned me around and gave me this scripture that I have memorized from 1 Peter 5:7.

“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”

That’s exactly what I needed to do. And I did. The pain went away. I slept well. I didn’t worry about much any more, because I knew  – I really knew that God had it under control.

And the next memorized Scripture was:

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

To surrender takes work. It takes time. It takes trust.

My life has changed. Yours can too. Surrender to God.

Are you stressed? Do you feel as if you life is out of control? Do you want to be closer to Jesus? Do you need to surrender to Jesus?

I’m working to help you. At the moment I have two ways to help you find the way to surrender to Him.

  1. I run a Facebook Group that is safe, and comfortable. It’s where we can grow closer to God; where we can study His Word. Join us. Growing Through God’s Word.
  2. There is an exciting opportunity for all believers to dig deeper into their faith. We will be studying David Kitz’s book, “The Soldier Who Killed a King”. Starting February 14. But for the next 6 days we are offering free books as well (for as long as they last). So join us. Book study With David Kitz and Janis Cox. 


3 Ways to Surrender All

  1. Get up with God. Pray and connect. Go to bed with God. Pray and thank Him for the day.
  2. Pick up your Bible and read something. Then journal, draw and/or meditate on it throughout the day.
  3. Join somewhere with believers. I have given you 2 ideas. There are many more.

If any one needs prayer, please feel free to contact me. (Email Janis).


Connect – Five Minute Fridays

Connect – Five Minute Fridays

Today’s word for Five Minute Fridays is CONNECT.


I read today from Psalm 145:18:

God’s there, listening for all who pray,
    for all who pray and mean it (The Message).

It is very important that we connect with God. We need that personal connection. We need to both speak and listen. (tweet this)


It hasn’t been easy to do this. The first time I heard about talking to God I didn’t know what to say. That’s when help came in the form of an acronym.



By using these words I can focus on what I am to say. For example:

Adoration: I can use a Psalm to read and then praise the Lord for being who He is.

Confession: I think over my past 24 hours. What changes might I have made if I had been truly in His Spirit.

Thanksgiving: I love this one. Thanking God for things that are happening. Seeing the world around me. Thinking about the food I eat, the clean water I drink, the clean bed I sleep in, the family that loves me. I could go on and on for this one.

Supplication: This is where I think of all those who need God’s help. I say their names. I say the problems and ask for God’s help in whatever they need.

That’s connection.
When I learn to connect with God I find peace and joy in each day. (tweet this)

But there’s more to connection that talking. There is also listening. This took me much longer to do this part and I still struggle with this part of connecting with God.

When I sat still for the first time and tried to listen to God it was difficult. But I persevered for 5 minutes. The next time became easier. But I still have interruptions, thoughts that wander and come in to my thinking that are not of the Lord. So I am working on this.Connect

It’s the first part of L.I.S.T.E.N. – Let God speak – that is the hardest for me. (tweet this)

What about you? How do you connect with God? What part do you have the most trouble with?

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COULD I JOIN THE GOD TEAM? – Five-Minute Fridays

Linking to Lisa-Jo for Five-Minute Fridays (FMF) where we write for only 5 minutes then STOP. If you want to join – just come along.

Could I Join the God Team? – FMF

Jan Cox

Becoming the Real Me by Joining

Twenty-five years ago something happened to shake my trust in people. That incident made me build a wall around my family, my emotions and my body. For fifteen years I held back; I became a controller over everything and everybody; my body ached.

Ten years ago something changed – I found people who cared about the real me. I found a church were I could be exactly who I am. I found Christ. I joined a loving, caring community where I learned about God and His love for me.

My world expanded. I relaxed. My body healed. My mind healed. And my soul grew.

My friends accepted me – that is crucial. So I started to join the world again – a little wiser and more discerning – but I joined.

I stretched – and became an open, loving person. God showed me Himself and each day I learn more and more about His mercy and His grace as I study and be with others who believe in Him.

I joined God – that was a big decision. That changed my life. I let Jesus become the leader and I joined the team. Hallelujah!

I lurked on the Five-Minute Fridays for a few days only before I said, “Why not?” Such wonderful connections have been made.

God is building a new Kingdom – He is using Internet tools connect us together and make new disciples.

Have you joined the God Team?

Are you free to join in with other people? Ask God to help you break through that barrier. Tell me your story.



5-Minute Friday – Join

CONNECT – Five-Minute Fridays


Connect – through Christ.

Each Friday I join Lisa-Jo Baker to write for five minutes on a selected word. If you want to write try this – it is a great way to stretch yourself. We write without editing.

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Here goes – CONNECT

I recently returned from my 4th mission trip to Poland. Ever since the first time I have felt a strong connection to this country and the people. I have no family history from Poland. I am Canadian and 1/2 Irish.

Why do I feel this strong connection? I have pondered about that over the years. The best reason I can think of is Christ. Christ connects us to the people He wants us to know. If we let Him.

I work in Poland with a mission group of Christians – we pray together, work together and live together for 14 days. Some of the nationals that I have met I see each year – I reconnect with them – find out how they are doing and go home to pray for them.

Other connections I have made through Christ – yes there are a few. Today I am having lunch with two women, one of whom I have never met, and the other whom I have met once or twice a year – usually at the Home Show. But we have so much in common through our faith that today we are going to meet for more than a couple of minutes.

Christ can lead us to those connections. I pray each day to be used by Him – for Him to show me whom He wants me to meet.

Isn’t that what life is about – whom we meet, whom we can encourage, whom we can lead to knowing God better?

5 minutes are up.

Five MInute Fridays

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