Time, How God Can Expand it

How Can God Expand Time Someone asked me if I could do something. I had to say, “I’m sorry at the moment I have no time”. I even said that I wished God would give me another 24 hours in a day. But you know what, He answered me and showed me how to not… Continue reading Time, How God Can Expand it

Connect – Five Minute Fridays

Connect – Five Minute Fridays Today’s word for Five Minute Fridays is CONNECT. I read today from Psalm 145:18: God’s there, listening for all who pray,     for all who pray and mean it (The Message). It is very important that we connect with God. We need that personal connection. We need to both speak and… Continue reading Connect – Five Minute Fridays


What Can I Pray For? by T. L. Wiens I recently ran into the idea that we must only pray for what we need. Although I don’t agree, it did get me thinking about what should be the nature of our prayer requests. David prayed for many things in the Psalms― safety, forgiveness and, at times,… Continue reading WHAT CAN I PRAY FOR?


After sharing a short testimony at a prayer time, Janis asked me to write a guest blog. I’m so happy to be able to share how God answered my prayer to conquer anger. Each issue that causes us to nurture anger within is so similar in so many ways that to tell the specifics and… Continue reading CAN I DUMP MY ANGER?