Do we play more than we pray? If there is power in prayer – why are we not down on our knees more often? Why do we not prioritize it? Looking back on a blog from 2011. Yes 6 years ago. I edited it a bit but this could impact your life this morning. I… Continue reading DO WE PLAY MORE THAN WE PRAY?

Do You Fight for Solitude? @desiringGod

Do You Fight for Solitude? @desiringGod   Do you have 6 minutes to listen to Pastor John? With Tim Keller. Fighting for Solitude — Today’s #AskPastorJohn: — Desiring God (@desiringGod) October 28, 2014   Then take the time to be disciplined and pray. If there is anything you know you got to do – you… Continue reading Do You Fight for Solitude? @desiringGod

#UTCOP – What is Vital Communion?

What is Vital Communion? by Joy Lenton Prayer can be a continual conversation with God as our hearts turn toward Him for help, strength and guidance throughout the day. Or there may be strict set apart times specifically for Bible reading and prayer as ACTS: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication or similar practices. At other… Continue reading #UTCOP – What is Vital Communion?

#UTCOP – Why I Lift My Eyes to Him

We welcome Angie Webb today as a guest on UTCOP. Please read her bio at the bottom of this post. Why I Lift My Eyes to Him by Angie Webb Over the years, fear has been an easy place for me to find myself. Struggling with panic attack and agoraphobia led me down a road that… Continue reading #UTCOP – Why I Lift My Eyes to Him

Prayer for Our Enemies? Really?

Pray for Our Enemies? Really? by Janet Sketchley Do news stories cause you to pray for people? For the hurt, the poor, the oppressed? Even just a quick “God, please help them know Your presence”? Sometimes the need is so great. When I hear about an accident or crime, as well as praying for the… Continue reading Prayer for Our Enemies? Really?