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Do we play more than we pray?

If there is power in prayer – why are we not down on our knees more often? Why do we not prioritize it?

Looking back on a blog from 2011. Yes 6 years ago. I edited it a bit but this could impact your life this morning. I pray it is so.

“Our prayers may be awkward. Our attempts may be feeble. But since the power of prayer is in the one who hears it and not in the one who says it, our prayers do make a difference.” – Max Lucado

Do we play more than we pray? There is power in prayer.

And if there is power in prayer – why are we not down on our knees more often? Why do we not prioritize it?

This has reemphasized my need for constant prayer.

Jesus says, “My house will be called a house of prayer” (Mark 11:15-17).

Take a look at our churches:

Are we putting prayer as the focus of our services? Or do we put the sermon, the Scriptures and the music?

Why do most churches get a good turnout to a concert (sometimes with a fee), than a prayer meeting?

How many of your congregants actually come to prayer meetings?

Take a look at ourselves:

We no longer have the physical Tabernacle with the Holy of Holies but we have Jesus inside us. Therefore the house of Jesus is inside us.

Let’s think about our lives and how we do God’s work. In what spirit do we do our work – our job, our relationships, our family, our marriage, our kids, our friends, our neighbours? Are we in sync with the purpose of God’s house? Are we prayerful?

Is what I am doing for the glory of God or for myself? Am I saying and even thinking the things He wants me to think and say? Am I prayerful?

I know when we pray God intervenes because God hears our prayers.

Today we are seeing more marital problems, child rearing problems and strife in the workplace and we know that it is essential that we pray for God to intervene in all these areas. His power and grace are needed – now more that ever before.

There is power in prayer.

If we join together and pray; if we come to the throne of grace and petition for all parts of our lives – what power can be unleashed by our Father in heaven? Scripture says:

“ye have not, because ye ask not” (James 4:2 KJV).

Then let’s ask. Let’s be bold and see how God works in and through us. Let’s be prayerful. (tweet this)

Let’s ask for ourselves, for others and for our world.

My Gratitude List:

84. Great day visiting grandkids
85. Beautiful sunny warm day
86. My daughter preparing a yummy lunch
87. God blessing my writing
88. Daffodils poking through the soil
89. A new camera to try (lots of instructions)
90. All this energy of Christ that so powerfully works in me

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Oh Lord, I pray that we can learn to pray for all things at all times. I pray that you will teach us the power of prayer. Help us to look to you for all our lives. In Jesus’ name. AMEN.



Blown Away

by T. L. Wiens

wind storm

It’s 9 pm, March 20, 2013. I look out the window towards the south and see strange rolling clouds on the horizon.

A shiver runs through me and I begin to pray for protection.

Moments later, the phone rings. My husband is trapped on a road and has been informed that no one is coming to help him until morning.

A blizzard has been raging all day but this winter, that’s become normal. How come something within me isn’t at ease? My two daughters and I head to bed all just a bit nervous.

Two am, I’m awakened by my eldest daughter walking around. She’s scared because her wall is flexing in the wind. The dining room window has jumped its track. We try to figure out what’s going on outside but we can’t see.

2:22 am, we hear a deafening roar followed by the distinct sound of nails being ripped out of the wood, boards cracking and giving away and there’s a bright flash. The floor ripples beneath our feet. The furnace covers explode against the wall. My daughter is only a couple of feet away when it happens but the noise around us is so loud she doesn’t even hear it. My other daughter wanders out of her room, her face white with fear.

The house is creaking, boards are slamming in the wind. The house might not make it but is going outside any safer? We decide it is. As we’re heading out the door, my eldest daughter notices smoke filling the living room. The reservoir of our grain stove is on fire. I guess the back draft from the wind must have pushed the flames back. She douses it with water. We head out to sit in the truck and do what? There’s not much we can do but do our best to stay warm. With the wind chill, it’s -20˚ C.

I know the power inside the house is connected to the now missing section of the roof. My eldest daughter and I need to get it turned off at the power box. She steps away from the sheltered area near the truck and I watch her blow down the driveway, unprepared for the force of the wind. She fights her way back to me and the two of us face the wind together. The house is so dark.

I’d been praying since two am but it all felt so futile. Eight years earlier, we lost our house to a fire. Why was this happening again? My daughter started to sing an old hymn. The words comforted me.

God had taken us through tough times before. We’d be fine.

But the way the truck is shaking doesn’t feel safe. We move to our fifth wheel trailer that’s nestled in a snow bank, bringing our dogs inside for warmth.

March 21, 2013, the wind is still howling. My husband is still stranded. I feel so helpless. The house is still standing but the wind is still blowing and more damage will occur if we don’t do something. Thankfully, I’m able to get a hold of a friend. He manages to get to our house. After tying down the roof, he helps us get enough power going to run the heaters he’s brought with him.

I’m able to put out the call for prayer.

How do you describe what happens when people pray for you? I went from standing in this huge storm that enveloped me both mentally and physically to being in the eye of the storm where all is calm.

Prayer is like a shield of love around you and
no matter what physical travesty you face, you’ll be okay. 
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March 22, 2013, my husband rolls onto the yard. My son had arrived half an hour earlier. With the help of another friend, they begin repairing the roof. By evening, the plywood is in place. Six inches of snow fall but thanks to the help, it’s not in our attic.

Saturday, my son in-law, who is a electrician arrives. By Sunday afternoon, all power is restored. Amazingly, all of my houseplants survived, even my seedlings. Why did God choose to protect them? I don’t know but I know His hand was on them.

People often ask why God allows bad things to happen.

I’m not going to say it’s fun but it is an awesome privilege
to experience the power of God.

You can’t fully appreciate who He is without some adversity where you know it’s not you holding things together.

“Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? As it is written, For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter. Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us. For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 8:35-39, NIV).

Tammy Wiens

Tammy lives in Saskatchewan with her husband. They have four children. She enjoys gardening, walks along the beach and being on the farm. She has a passion for her faith, studying the Bible and prayer.

She has published two books; Where a Little Rain Comes Down and Making the Bitter Sweet. A short story, “May’s First Christmas” appeared in Christmas Chaos, a collection of stories about Christmas experiences that don’t make the fronts of Christmas cards. “Careful What You Whisper” is another short story about Tammy’s experiences after breaking her back. It can be found in A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider. Visit T. L. Wiens for more information about Tammy’s books and workshops.


Confronted by Unbelief?

by T. L. Wiens


I know the difference prayer makes as do most followers of Jesus Christ. The answers may not always look the way we envision but we know God hears us.

Recently, I was confronted by someone who not only isn’t a believer but is anti-Christian to the point of being violent towards anyone who mentions anything to do with the faith. She got very angry as she listened in on a conversation I was having with a fellow Christian about how prayer got us through hard times. This woman interrupted and was adamant our prayers had done nothing. If she found herself in the same place, she’d have the same strength to endure.

Is she right?

At my dad’s funeral, a man watches as my family files into the church hall for lunch. As I pass, he grabs hold of me. With the lapels of my blazer tightly in his grip, he demands to know what kind of people we are that we could celebrate a death. I reply that we are Christians. I will see my dad again.

A young couple gets the devastating news that he is very ill with a deadly leukemia. They smile and pray their way through the months that follow. They are now married, the death sentence lifted.

A family friend is praying for her spouse to come to know the Lord. She endures years of abuse at his hand. Their daughter is diagnosed with an incurable illness. My friend’s spouse falls to his knees, pleading for his daughter’s life. She’s healed and he becomes a pastor and the loving husband my friend has prayed for.

While waiting in the hospital with my family, another family comes to us begging us to come sing “Amazing Grace.” They want Christians present during their loved one’s passing so that the death will be peaceful.

In Matthew 18:18-20 Jesus says:

“Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

I believe in prayer. More than that, I’ve been a recipient of the power of words spoken to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. How sad to go through life without that lifeline! I’ll pray for this woman that she can experience God’s presence and attention to our prayers. I hope she’s ready for what happens when a follower of Christ prays.

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Tammy Wiens

Tammy lives in Saskatchewan with her husband. They have four children. She enjoys gardening, walks along the beach and being on the farm. She has a passion for her faith, studying the Bible and prayer.

She has published two books; Where a Little Rain Comes Down and Making the Bitter Sweet. A short story, “May’s First Christmas” appeared in Christmas Chaos, a collection of stories about Christmas experiences that don’t make the fronts of Christmas cards. “Careful What You Whisper” is another short story about Tammy’s experiences after breaking her back. It can be found in A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider. Visit T. L. Wiens for more information about Tammy’s books and workshops.


Our God of Many Miracles

by Patricia Day 

It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.

“Cast your burden on the Lord, and He shall sustain you.  (Psalm 55:22, NIV)

To say that we prayed vehemently would be an understatement.  The Bible tells us “It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man”. (Psalm 118:8)

My husband’s unexpected surgery ‘fell’ into our lives and work income stopped!  Yikes!

He’d undergone an angiogram, only to be told it revealed that he needed immediate heart surgery!  He underwent triple-bypass surgery the next morning.

To say we were devastated at the time does not even come close to expressing our feelings and fear….. however GOD is good and as we prayed and trusted that all would be well, He provided for us in so many unexpected ways.  Let me share some with you:

      • I received rides each day, to and from the hospital – all offered never asked for.
      • We received money from family, friends and church family to cover all our immediate expenses and mortgage.
      • We received gift cards from friends for grocery shopping.
      • A garage door repair bill was covered by church friends (just because they wanted to help some way).
      • A cheque from friends, prompted in a dream!  They obeyed.  They said one was told the amount to give!  Because they strongly felt the dream was from God they obeyed. What totally amazed us was that the cheque amount was exactly what we needed to bring overdue bills up to date!  We had not been in touch with these friends prior to this, so they had no way of knowing our need from anything we might have said.
      • Christmas hamper from church family and groceries delivered to our door by friends.
      • Cooked meals and homemade soups brought to our door by friends.

This is not an exhaustive list – we were blessed with many other surprises – even though our faith took a ‘direct hit’ when we first received the news, after the test results were revealed.

We should have known better, but trusting that God is in complete control can elude us in troubling times, and even mature Christians can panic; we’re only human.  We question our ability to come through this latest challenge.  We could have completely ‘lost it’, but hung in there despite doubts.  We should have known better – God provided for us in great abundance then, and He still does.


When tragedies or sickness overwhelm us, it is easy to sink into a ‘pity-party’ and forget to call out to You and trust in Your grace and provision.  Let us remember to reach out to You first and trust that you will provide all that we need, with Your usual perfect timing.  In Jesus Name, Amen!

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Patricia Day

Patricia Day

Writing has always been a passion of Patricia. She can express myself better in writing, than verbally.  She enjoys creating short stories and devotionals. Her favourite past-times: family-time; gardening; reading; walking and listening to good music. Married.  Mother of two sons; step-Mom to a son & daughter and Nana to ten.

Look for her devotionals at Pepe Prays and her blog at Patters Matters.

Patricia has recently completed her first novel – Eleanor, A Stolen Childhood – which is in the process of publication.  Her second novel, Priscilla – Hidden in the Shadows is now being written.


 Leave Your Calling Card – A Guest Post

by Brenda Leyland  (reprinted with permission)

A SHORT TIME ago a fellow blogging friend emailed to tell me that I was the answer to a prayer she’d prayed that very morning!

Interesting thing about it all, I thought I was just ‘minding my own business’. I had no idea that I’d stumbled into the stream of someone’s earnest desire and request to God. All I was aware was that, in the culture and manner of Blogland, I’d come across her link in someone else’s comment box, and thought, Mmmm, I haven’t been to see Sulo in such a long time, a visit is long overdue.  

So I popped over there… to see what she’s been sharing and find out what she’s been up to. Knowing from my own experience just how important it is to find a ‘calling card’ in one’s comment box, I took the time to read more closely so I could share a comment or two on the ones that particularly spoke to me.

Lo and behold, within a short time, I found an e-mail reply back from my friend saying that I couldn’t have any idea what my comments meant to her that day. For that very morning, as she got up from bed, she asked the Lord to have someone leave a comment so that she could know for sure somebody out there was reading her postings.

And, when she clicked on her computer there in her inbox was an email indicating that someone had, indeed, been to visit and left comments. As Sulo put it:

 “What did I see… your e-mail with the comments — an answer to my prayer as a confirmation. What more proof do we need to believe God hears our prayers? Aren’t we so blessed to have such an awesome God who cares about even minute things like page-viewing!”

I’m humbled… and so honoured to have been a part of the Lord’s answer to Sulo’s heart cry. To have heeded the little nudge that I could so easily have postponed or ignored, in my view that is a glimpse of heaven in a most unexpected place…for me and for her…maybe for you too!




WHY IS PRAYER IMPORTANT? – Poland Thoughts – Part 1

Why Is Prayer Important? – Poland Thoughts –  Part 1

by Jan Cox

All the prayers of our team pray-ers.

I went to Poland much calmer and in better health this summer than last. Because of my allergies – airborne and food – I tried hard to work within my limits.

I took an small pillow which I had made from a foam insert with a sewn pillow case over it. They have feather pillows where I stay and each year my allergies had been bothering me.

A Homemade Foam Pillow – even Snowball likes it.

I took an antihistamine each day.

I watched what I ate.

I came home much healthier – thank You, Lord.

This year I was not given responsibility for the children’s programme. That was an energy saver for sure. I stayed up later and had time to socialize with the Polish adults and my team members.

Being in charge of a daily Bible study not only enlightened and encouraged the nationals but also God’s Word spoke to me. I loved my group’s enthusiasm and openness when answering the questions.

Bible Study Class in Poland

Our early morning team time blessed us all. With most of the time given to prayer we prayed for everything that the Holy Spirit brought to our minds and laid on our hearts. I could feel a strong web in our circle as we prayed – pulling us closer together and to God.

I continue to pray back here in Canada. Using a gifted picture frame, I can now look at my Bible study group and pray specifically for each member. Even as I walk by the frame – it is a reminder to lift them to God.

Much thanks to my special prayer team back home. Being UNDER THE COVER OF PRAYER made all the difference to each one of us. Each team member had their own personal team of pray-ers. Multiply that by our member and we could sense the power of God as we moved through our days. Strength, peace, comfort, healing, compassion, love … just a few of the marvellous gifts we received from your prayers. Thank you so much.

great memories – check out my Gratitude List from last week

Returning Home: Gratitude List – counting to 2000

      • My IM Bible Study helps me smooth out my rough edges and the homecoming
      • Jet lag is improving
      • I fell – but no major hurts – just ached and scraped my knee (like a kid!)
      • Boat ride and swim to relax
      • It rained!!
      • Great joint church “sizzling service in the park” but held in the church because of the rain
      • stirring sermon by Pastor Doug (Gospel Lighthouse)
      • awesome music by a joint band
      • excitement about family gathering at a cottage
      • pictures in my mind of my Polish friends
      • learning to text on my IPOD
      • time to think, study and read
      • awesome summer weather
      • talented actors from our town played “Steel Magnolias”
      • cooler nights – fall is just around the corner

Jan Cox

Janis Cox - Author and Illustrator
Janis Cox

Jan, a former school teacher and small business owner, found a new passion in writing in her retirement. She has published two devotionals and a number of articles for magazines and a Bible study. She is owner of Under the Cover of Prayer and moderates the site. She also writes at A Better Way. Jan has completed a children’s book called Tadeo Turtle. She is the watercolour illustrator. Word Alive will be publishing this story and it will be available later this summer. See more about Tadeo at Jan’s Website.


We have a guest blogger today – Heather Boersma. She recounts a powerful story of how prayer can open hearts and heal wounds. Thanks Heather.

A Ninety Minute Prayer

by Heather Boersma (reprinted with Permission June 11, 2012)

I prayed all the way there…

I prayed all the way there.

An hour and half to get my heart right. An hour and thirty minutes to be brought low, and be lifted up. Ninety minutes to have my eyes adjusted to reality – not the here and now, but the then and there.

The truth is I felt unsure. I wondered if this was really where I needed to be. Would I have the right words to say to these young moms, these ones who have seen and experienced so much heartbreak? So much pain? So much injustice?

As the young women filled the room where I’d be sharing my story, God’s truth, I watched and wondered. Watched and prayed. Watched and pleaded with God – “Do your will in spite of me. Have your way and help me to get out of the way.”

I shared the story of how we all began, how we were formed in the image of our Creator. They watched me with open eyes, they laughed when I joked, they listened and some even nodded their heads in agreement. “You are beautiful” I said. “There is nothing you can do to add to that beauty, and there is NOTHING you can do to lose it. It’s who you are!”

Later than evening I shared my story, the ups and downs, the moments of pure devastation and the hope found in Christ, found in truth. “You are fearfully and wonderfully made, you carry the image of God, you are full of destiny. God loves you and has an incredible plan for your life.” If only my speaking it out loud would make them believe it, really believe it. Not just in their heads, but deep deep down in their wounded, broken, ever-seeking hearts.

After the session each one came forward, and each one was given a book and a prayer. And as I lay my hands on her shoulders and looked into her eyes, my prayers from that ninety minute drive were answered. I saw her, really SAW her. Not just as she was in that moment, but the potential of who God created her to be. And we prayed. Words of life and truth whispered, embraces of love and hope given.

Another hour and half drive to pray and process. An hour and thirty minutes to both thank and question God. Ninety minutes to wonder how a girl can looks so old and worn – so young and vulnerable all at the same time.


Why Worry When We Can Pray?

by Kimberley Payne  

Quite a climb!

The hill in the distance looked daunting. “You want to climb that?” I stopped walking to re-lace my shoes.

Helen giggled. “Yes, of course. I do it almost every day. The dogs love it.” Her two dogs ran ahead, eager to get going.

“Well, I suppose. But I’m not sure if I’ll make it.” I shifted my water bottle to my hip. The hill loomed ahead, a 5 kilometre walk upwards.  I wasn’t a stranger to a good hike; I loved to tromp through the woods and along the trails. But a walk straight up a steep hill was not my usual repertoire.

To pass the time and keep my mind off the pain in my calves, we talked. Enjoying a good chat is one of my favourite things to do in combination with a walk. Helen explained how she normally walks alone and she agreed that having a partner makes the upwards strain that much easier.

She shared with me a story of how she had been walking the same road the day before and suffered from blasts of dust from cars that raced by with no consideration for her and her dogs. Her frustration was compounded by the heat. She threw her arms up in irritation as cars sped past. “Why are you not slowing down? Have you no consideration?” she called after them.

But as her anger and indignation rose, she felt convicted in her spirit. Why worry when you could pray? So as the next car came into vision, instead of complaining and getting agitated waiting for the dust to swirl around her, she chose to pray instead. “Dear Lord, please make this driver slow down.” As she watched the vehicle approach, it slowed to such a degree that she expected the driver to pull over and ask directions. Instead he gave a wave and continued on. “Thank You, Jesus!” Helen exclaimed. As each car came into view, Helen prayed to God and He came through every time. The walk became enjoyable and a real testament to the fact that God cares about our every need.

As Helen finished her story, a farm vehicle, large and spewing dust all around came over the hill. “Let’s pray!” Helen enthusiastically challenged. We prayed and the truck passed without a flicker of dust. “God is good. Why worry when we can pray?”

I agreed with Helen and with an exhausted groan asked my own prayer, “Lord, please give me the strength to finish this walk!”

“Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life ?” (Matthew 6:27 NIV)

Kimberley Payne

Kimberley is a motivational speaker and author. Her writings relate raising a family, pursuing a healthy lifestyle, and everyday experiences to building a relationship with God. Through her work, Kimberley hopes to inspire people to live lives that glorify God. You can visit her website at www.kimberleypayne.com


A Miracle Story

by T. L. Wiens

We celebrated my mom’s 75th birthday this year. It was wonderful to gather with family and remember. But for me, this celebration, as every birthday celebration with my mom, was special.

I wasn’t born when my mom’s heart troubles began. In those years, doctors didn’t know what to do to help so my mom kept getting weaker. It was during one of her frequent hospital stays that a pastor stopped by. He wasn’t from our church but he felt pulled to my mom’s room. It wasn’t long before he became a regular visitor.

Then it happened. My mom’s heart stopped. She was declared dead. But this new pastor friend wouldn’t accept that. He petitioned God for a miracle.

I was fifteen years old and sitting in the doctor’s office waiting for my mom to return from getting some blood work done when a nurse handed me my mom’s medical file. I have no idea why she did this but I couldn’t resist taking a peak.

It was there in front of me. Cardiac arrest. Unable to resuscitate. The rest of the page was blank. However, when I lifted that page, it was like the page before it never happened.

The fact that I still have my mom is a miracle. But there are many miracles like this in the kingdom of God. Every believer has that page where they no longer exist but Christ lives through them. What an amazing thing to be given new life. I know without the miracle of bringing my mom back, I wouldn’t exist.

I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.  Galatians 2:20

Tammy Wiens

Tammy lives in Saskatchewan with her husband. They have four children. She enjoys gardening, walks along the beach and being on the farm. She has a passion for her faith, studying the Bible and prayer.

She has published two books; Where a Little Rain Comes Down and Making the Bitter Sweet. A short story, “May’s First Christmas” appeared in Christmas Chaos, a collection of stories about Christmas experiences that don’t make the fronts of Christmas cards. “Careful What You Whisper” is another short story about Tammy’s experiences after breaking her back. It can be found in A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider. Visit her website for more information about Tammy’s books and workshops.


 Persistent prayer

by Violet Nesdoly (reprinted from June 22, 2011)

“The Shunamite Woman”
by Harold Copping

TODAY’S SPECIAL: 2 Kings 4:18-37

TO CHEW ON: “He went in therefore, shut the door behind the two of them and prayed to the Lord.” 2 Kings 4:33

When the Shunamite woman’s son died so suddenly and unexpectedly, she was desperate. Without taking the time to explain to anyone what had happened or what she was doing, she rode straight to Elisha, the man of God.

Go to God
In her action I see the first prayer principle we find in this passage. It is one for the person needing prayer — we’ll call him/her the pray-ee. When we’re that person and in trouble, the best place to go is to God — or, as in the woman’s case, to someone who knows God and has a close relationship with Him.

Accept no proxies
Elisha sent his servant back with his walking stick (staff). But the woman wouldn’t leave Elisha until he himself agreed to come too. We see she was wise in this, for though servant Gehazi worked for Elisha and carried his equipment, his prayers didn’t have the same effectiveness. The principle here is another one for pray-ees: Don’t settle for less than what your conviction has impressed on you; don’t be content with proxies. This is not unbiblical — for not all Christians have the gift of faith and miracles (1 Corinthians 12:4-10).

Follow God’s instructions
When Elisha arrived, he went into the room with the boy and prayed for him. Then he did a strange thing – laid himself on top of the boy so that his mouth was on the boy’s mouth, his hands on the boy’s hands etc. Lo and behold, the boy’s flesh became warm. I see in this a principle for the pray-er: follow God’s instructions as you pray, both in what you say, and what you do.

Keep praying until the burden lifts
But the boy didn’t revive. The passage describes Elisha walking back and forth in the house. I can just imagine his anguished praying: “God, is this Your answer? Isn’t there more? What do I do now?” I see here another principle for the pray-er: Keep praying until the burden lifts.

Of course Elisha didn’t quit but returned and stretched himself over the boy’s form again. This time the lad came back to life and Elisha gave him back to his overjoyed mom.

Next time we have a big problem or someone comes to us to pray for a big problem let’s remember these principles — and put them to the test.

PRAYER: Dear God, thank You for the Shunamite woman’s simple faith and Elisha’s creative and persistent prayer. Help me to be more reliant on You in trouble and more keen to listen to Your instructions and to persevere when I pray — for myself and others. Amen.

MORE: “I Must Tell Jesus”

If anything will drive us to Jesus it is big problems. Elisha Hoffman wrote a song about that in 1894. Here is its story:

“Hoffman’s pastime was writing hymns, many of which were inspired by pastoral incidents. One day, for example, while calling on the destitute of Lebanon, Pennsylvania, he met a woman whose depression seemed beyond cure. She opened her heart and poured on him her pent-up sorrows. Wringing her hands, she cried, ‘What shall I do? Oh what shall I do?’ Hoffman knew what she should do, for he had himself learned the deeper lessons of God’s comfort. He said to the woman, ‘You cannot do better than to take all your sorrows to Jesus. You must tell Jesus.’

Suddenly the lady’s face lighted up. ‘Yes!’ she cried, ‘That’s it! I must tell Jesus.’ Her words echoed in Hoffman’s ears, and he mulled them over as he returned home. He drew out his pen and started writing…

‘I must tell Jesus! I must tell Jesus!
I cannot bear my burdens alone…’

From Then Sings My Soul: 150 of the World’s Greatest Hymn Stories by Robert J. Morgan, p. 233.


Violet Nesdoly

Violet freelances in several genres and has been published in a variety of print and online publications. Her articles, stories, and activities have appeared in Keys for Kids, Devotions for Girls, Devotions for Boys, Clubhouse, Guide, Primary Treasure, Partners, Pockets and others. She has also published two books of poetry and is an avid blogger. She is a member of Inscribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship and a professional member of The Word Guild.