Find out How and Why God has Given me Release

Update: I needed to find a release. I think that’s more like freedom. Timing is good for this release too. I know it’s been awhile since I posted here. I have been busy writing on I’ve been busy taking courses. Maybe too busy. You can check out my posts by going to Janis Cox… Continue reading Find out How and Why God has Given me Release


 Leave Your Calling Card – A Guest Post by Brenda Leyland  (reprinted with permission) A SHORT TIME ago a fellow blogging friend emailed to tell me that I was the answer to a prayer she’d prayed that very morning! Interesting thing about it all, I thought I was just ‘minding my own business’. I had no… Continue reading 1 WAY GOD HEARS FROM US


I admit it – I am a perfectionist I will let you in on a secret I am a perfectionist. You wouldn’t know it by looking at my desk – papers all over – but in my banking, or my teaching or now in my blogging I get stressed if I don’t get it right.… Continue reading I AM A PERFECTIONIST