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Why We Started a Publication on Medium

Photo by Raphael Rychetsky on Unsplash

How Medium can help us grow personally and in our faith

And how you can be a part of spreading God’s Word around the world by using Medium.

What is Medium?

When I started writing on Medium in 2015, I had no idea how to do it. I would post something and that would be it. No interaction. No claps (we had likes back then). Not until I took a course by Tom Kuegler did I see the possibilities.

Now I see how God can use this platform

I see how we can reach others and learn from one another.

When I ran my personal blog I had interaction. But my blog didn’t seem to want to grow. It was stuck at 300 followers. That’s when I decided to make Medium my main writing platform.

Then I joined other publications as a writer. That was exciting.

But I kept hearing God say: “There is more to this Janis.”

I waited. I heard about setting up my own publication. That task seemed bigger than I wanted.

Enter Kimberley Payne

We have been friends for years since God brought us together at a writers’ conference. Both of us have dabbled in writing. Sometimes more industriously than others. But Kimberley is administratively gifted. I am not. I like connecting, and praying, writing and art.

We talked.

All of a sudden we were setting up a Publication. We were finding our first writers. Now we have 53 writers.

And we found followers. Now we have 178 of them.

It’s all God

Today I read two passages that helped me see about growth.

“Don’t be misled: No one makes a fool of God. What a person plants, he will harvest.

The person who plants selfishness, ignoring the needs of others — ignoring God! — harvests a crop of weeds.

All he’ll have to show for his life is weeds!

“But the one who plants in response to God, letting God’s Spirit do the growth work in him, harvests a crop of real life, eternal life (Galatians 6:7–8, The Message.”

I pictured a harvest. But then I saw that to have a harvest we have to plant seeds.

Photo by Joshua Lanzarini on Unsplash


Yes, from this platform we can reach the world. We can learn about new things. We can teach what God teaches us.

Another scripture came this morning.

“For the seed shall be prosperous” (Zechariah 8:12, KJV);

“For there the seed will produce peace and prosperity” (Zechariah 8:12, Amplified).

We need to plant the seeds.

Why we decided to run Koinonia, a publication on Medium

I think there are three very basic important reasons.

  1. We want to have a gathering place for Believers to read and to write. We want a safe haven to flush out ideas, to read God’s Word and study what we are hearing and learning.
  2. We want a place to pray for one another. That is accomplished for our writers in our FB group. For others who read our posts, we are most willing to pray for you too. Just contact us. We want to be there for you.
  3. We want to spread the love of Jesus around the globe.

Where is God leading us?

I ask Him this every day.

Lord, is there something else we can do to entice more writers to join us.

He has shown me a few ways

  1. Ask your friends and social media to follow us here on our Koinonia page. And also to follow us on our Koinonia Publication page.
  2. Share your work and others’ work on social media. Spread it around across all media.
  3. Connect with other members in the group — by clapping and commenting on their posts.
  4. Networking is so important. Let’s build a strong network by growing together in our faith and our writing and by praying together.

Contact me with any questions. You don’t have to become a member to write on Medium or even to become a partner and make money.

I also offer a basic course on Medium for $20  – that’s it $20 lifetime. It’s on Facebook. PM me on Facebook or email Janis.

Find out How and Why God has Given me Release

Update: I needed to find a release. I think that’s more like freedom. Timing is good for this release too.

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

I know it’s been awhile since I posted here. I have been busy writing on I’ve been busy taking courses. Maybe too busy.

You can check out my posts by going to Janis Cox Medium. You don’t have to sign up to read the posts. But you can’t “clap” (which is a “like”) unless you sign up. (A few of my posts are in a program to get paid and you can’t get those unless you subscribe to Medium.) If you are already a member please tell me so I can drop over to visit you.

I did a 30-day challenge to write 5 days a week in March. Whew, that was interesting. I don’t think I’ll keep up that pace. I learned a lot though.

This week as I talked to God and read 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 I realized I needed to take a break, a release.


We travel back home to Canada on Tuesday – so lots to do here in terms of closing up.

I have two special things to tell you about.

  1. If you are looking for a place to learn about God’s Word, but don’t have time, or not sure how. Here is a safe haven – join us on our Facebook Closed Group – Growing Through God’s Word.



2. I am offering a free Bible Art course. If you always wanted to try this – here is your chance. Materials are minimal. Sign up.



Now for the Five-Minute Friday post:

Five minutes to write. Go: – The Word is RELEASE.

God always brings me back to centre.

I have been so involved in learning about blogging, writing, creating and doing I forgot to pause to live. So I am going to take a release from all of this. And I want to work on my Bible Study course.

It’s going to be hard because I love to write. But I think I need to regroup with God to discover how to enjoy this writing adventure and life too. I need to find a rhythm – a holy rhythm.

Writing about what God is telling me and teaching me is exciting. However, I need to find a schedule that fits my life.

And coming back to Canada there are other responsibilities and family to have time for.

Also, I am doing 7 Artist in the Schools workshops when I return. That will keep me involved.

So I feel God has given me a release from this job of writing for the moment.

You might see me here on Five-Minute Fridays though – because that’s what I like – to keep things SIMPLE.




Podcasts and Posts

My month has flown by since we came home from Arizona. Although I haven’t been writing blog posts much on this blog I have been making podcasts and blogging for Hope Stream Radio and also for A Beautiful Life Ministry. I hope you can take a minute and listen or read my thoughts.

Here are the most recent podcasts with blog posts from Hope Stream Radio.


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And here are two of my posts from A Beautiful Ministry.


5 Ways to Make Prayer Come Alive

If you want to keep up-to-date on my most recent book releases, recipes and my life please join me once a month for my newsletter. click here.


Thoughtful Thursdays – Who is Carol A Brown?


Thoughtful Thursdays – Who is Carol A Brown?

Today I am starting a new series to introduce you to some of my writer friends. Carol Brown has a new book coming out called Sassy Pants Learns about Strange Creatures.



You can see with the picture below that Carol grew up with animals. She is pictured here with her brother Denny.


I have given Carol some questions to answer about her life and her faith. Welcome Carol.

  1. Tell me a little bit about your church background. How did you come to faith in Jesus?

Church background—as a kid we attended church when we had gas for the car. That was not every Sunday! When we left the farm and dad went into carpentry we attended more regularly and generally a church of the Baptist persuasion. In college I attended a C&MA and a Weslyn Methodist for a bit. Then I made friend with some Chinese Christians and ended up joining their fellowship until I met my husband and he took me off to seminary with him. Then we had to choose a denomination. We chose to affiliate with American Baptists. We felt we could find spiritual peers as well as social peers with that denomination. Now that we have retired and I have limitations, we tend to do house church.

Coming to faith in Jesus—My mom tells me that I accepted Jesus as Savior in Sunday School but I don’t have a clear memory of it. The clear memory is when Father God rolled back the sky one night and introduced Himself. Somewhere around the age of 10. The summer night was so beautiful—frogs, crickets and cicada singing their hearts out. An occasional Whip-o-Will called and the stars, like sparks, had burned holes in the velvety midnight blue sky. The smell of clover rode on a soft warm breeze. Every cell in my body was vibrating with delight and appreciation. And then the sky rolled back like a scroll…and there He was—just as delighted with me as I was with Him. That’s when the adventure began.

  1. When did your interest in writing start? Can you look back and see God working through and with you in your desire to write. If so, explain your thoughts.

I came into writing sort of backwards—several things like that in my life. I was an academic—I taught English Language at the University to speakers of other languages. That arena requires lots of papers and research so that is where I learned to write. But I never took any creative writing courses. My interests were elsewhere.

So when I was struck with MS in 1995, I began writing up stories and concepts as a way to keep my sanity during recovery. Four prophetic people came to me separately and said they felt I was to write up my experiences. It was to be a parable for the church. I documented lessons along the way but really felt in my heart that the Church did not want to hear me say, “MS sucks!” But I kept writing out of obedience. Then one day the Lord said, “We have a book.” I looked at my pile of disconnected snippets and said, “We do?” It took a long time to dig out all the MS from the manuscript but we did it—we had two books for adult readers. The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity and Highly Sensitive.

That process was so hard I told the Lord that I didn’t want to do any more hard books. He said, “Okay.” And promptly downloaded the Sassy Pants series! These are His stories. Yes, He used data from my own childhood, but He wrote the stories. So I hope your readers enjoy this sassy little pig as she grows up and learns the lessons we all need to learn! On the fly leaf is a disclaimer: Sassy Pants…an almost true story based very loosely on some facts!

Writing or being an author was never on my radar as a career choice. The Lord arranged events and opportunities in my life so I was prepared and had the skill set needed to intuitively turn to writing as something I could do when I was not well enough to do much of anything. I could still be myself–a teacher, but the Lord promoted me and now my classroom is global.

  1. What is the best thing you have written?

That’s hard to say. When people tell you that something you wrote saved their life—that’s pretty awesome! Maybe Through the Wilderness, the pathway to holiness which is in the publishing process. But then, the Sassy Pants Series is the best in the children’s genre! I really have a hard time picking!

Describe it.

The Wilderness is a memoir/devotional/spiritual adventure story! It chronicles the lessons and experiences the Lord orchestrated during my recovery from MS.

Tell me why you think it is the best.(so far)

Because the LORD commissioned it and I believe He is watching over it… because it is a word from His heart to the Church of today. He is the main character of each and every chapter.

  1. How and when do you spend time with God?

Every day in the morning. MS has created a visual disturbance called a “downbeat nystagmus.” My visual field slowly slides downward from left to right and then jerks back to center. Repeat, ad nauseum. Finally around 11:00 am it slows down enough that I can read and work on the computer. So from the time I get up in the morning until 11:00 am I spend with the Lord! It works well.

Do you have a favourite devotional?

Not really because of the trouble I have reading. I need it to be digital so I can enlarge the font to where I can see it. I generally limit myself to the Bible. Sometimes I will research different things and then meditate on them as well as on scripture. I type pretty fast and accurately so I will record the thoughts and meditations that come to me on the computer with my eyes closed!

What version of Bible do you use the most?

The NIV, but I also enjoy Phillips and Jerusalem Bible.

  1. What new project/s are you working on?

Right now my publisher, Lilly Maytree of Summer Island Press and I are working to get the whole series of Sassy Pants Learns out there to children. We will be going back and redoing the first two stories, colorize them and create new covers and who knows what all we will do. And then there are two, possibly three more books in the series. 1) Sassy Pants, 2) Sassy Pants Makes Amends, 3) Sassy Pants Learns About Strange Creatures, 4) Who’s The Boss, 5) Sassy Pants and the Boss Hog.

Why do they seem important to you?

God has let me know that “He is very concerned about the children.” Giving a child a strong character is one of the most loving things we can do. These stories are my bit in doing that.

Thank you so much Carol for being a guest on Growing Through God’s Word. We pray for the best for you and for your books.


Find out about the life and faith of Carol Brown, author of Sassy Pants. (click to tweet)


140 pixels Pic

Carol Brown says, “I started telling stories when I had enough brothers for an audience!” She has four brothers and one sister.

Carol was raised in a farming community in Iowa. A retired teacher, she and her husband reside in Grand Rapids, MI caring for her elderly mother. Carol enjoys nature, music, playing the piano, children, reading, writing and storytelling. Now she specializes in knitting sweaters and spinning yarns!


Website:  From God’s Heart for adult readers

To purchase Carol’s new book click on Sassy Pants Learns about Strange Creatures

Carol’s Blog:



Five Minute Friday – Bacon

Five Minute Friday – Bacon


Just had to write today – so looked for the prompt – bacon – from Five Minute Friday by Kate Motaung. Haven’t done one of these five minute posts for a while. Write for 5 minutes – no editing. Just write.

Timer on: Here goes.  BACON in five minutes (just about the time it takes to microwave it!)

I love the smell of bacon. I love the taste of bacon. Canadian back bacon is especially good – very lean.

When we decided to follow the Paleo diet we knew that meats (especially grass fed, organic meats and chicken) were now allowable as well as lots of fish. Vegetables are at the top of the list. And good fats. But we even learned that organic butter from grass fed cows is okay. We don’t eat grains or sugar. Honestly it has been a fantastic way to eat. Lots of energy, clear thinking and my hubby has lost over 40 pounds since November last year. And the weight stays off.

But in the news this week we heard that the media has called “bacon” the next cancer causing food, putting it in the league with tobacco.

It reminds me of the scare when diabetics were told they couldn’t have saccharin because a mouse who ate ten tons of the stuff (exaggerating) got cancer.

I believe in all things, we need moderation.

We eat lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and lean meats, fish, eggs and good oils. We have the occasional slices of bacon. We try not to overdo anything. We try to find uncured bacon too. We don’t eat processed meats.

In God’s Word He tells us:

Let your reasonableness be known to everyone. The Lord is at hand (Philippians 4:5, ESV);

Let’s be reasonable. Don’t overdo anything, whether it’s bacon,
or something else.

Let’s exercise wisdom, and moderation in everything we do.

Time’s UP!!

Your turn if you want to join in the Five Minute Friday.


What have I been doing lately?

What have I been doing lately?



I have been working through the Intentional Bloggers’ Course given by Jeff Goins. When I attended the Inscribe Writers’ Conference this year I had the pleasure to meet Jeff. He really encouraged me to be intentional in my writing and painting. His book The Art of Work is inspirational. He gave the people who attended his special session a free pass to his course called Intentional Blogging. It has been excellent so far.


This week I worked on my About Page. I tried to make it clearer and more specific about me. I hope you will check it out and leave me some suggestions and comments. Please find my about page below.

My About Page.

We have done the yearly move to Arizona for the winter. Except for leaking tub fixtures, leaky toilet, and dead car battery, we are adjusting to living here. The weather has been different with rain and thunder. But this week looks great weather-wise. I miss my friends back home but will soon get involved with our community here.

Thanks for being such dedicated readers of my blog. I plan to be more intentional in the months ahead.

I think it funny that my word for this year was INTENTIONAL.




Janis is the author of the award winning children’s book, Tadeo Turtle, published by Word Alive Press. Available in Kindle Format, in bookstores, online and from her website. Curriculum available upon request. Janis also is a contributor to Hope Stream Radio. Join her on Tuesdays and Saturdays.


You can find her on Facebook, and Twitter. Tadeo has his own Facebook Page.


Mentor Mom – Me?

Mentor Mom – Me?

I have been posting over at Community Moms for the past few months. I am called a “Mentor Mom” at Me Too Moments for Moms.

I will try to post my articles as they are posted on Lisa’s blog .

Today I have a post called Breakthrough

Helen Keler with Anne Sullivan

Wikipedia photo

Helen Keller has a breakthrough. She can understand communication for the first time. That’s how I felt when I first understood who Jesus is.

Drop over and visit. Breakthrough

If you are interested in more here are my latest postings:

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Watercolour by Janis Cox

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PHoto from mission trip to Poland

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Train up a child -

PHoto by Janis Cox




Thoughtful Thursday – Seven Reasons Why I am Going to the Inscribe Conference in Alberta

Thoughtful Thursday – Seven Reasons Why I am Going to the Inscribe Conference in Alberta

fall conference

Why do I want to fly to Edmonton to attend a writers’ conference?

  1. Over the past, I think about eight years, I have belong to Inscribe Writers Online. This year I felt determined to attend this conference because I want to see all my friends that I know only through the Internet. Yes I have seen their faces on Facebook and have chatted on email and through a list serv. But I want to meet and talk with them. Pray with them. Worship with them.

2. So I am booked to fly on Wednesday September 23 and stay until Sunday September 27. I have signed up for the early bird workshop with Jeff Goins – his latest book is The Art of Work and is filled with life giving, important information. I want to listen to him and discuss these ideas.

3. One of the courses I have chosen is to learn more about public speaking. Since I am now on Hope Stream Radio I want to improve how I speak.

4. I have signed up for a children’s writers’ workshop – almost ready to publish my next children’s book and I want more input.

5.  I love being in the company of believers who are writers. It’s amazing to find a family that is so like me. Wow! Just love it.

6. I have attended Write!Canada which is sponsored by The Word Guild – another writers’ group I belong to. I know the feeling and knowledge that I get when I attend that conference. So I want to do that again this year – I went in June to Write!Canada. Now’s my chance.

7. I want to meet with the Inscribe Executive – they have become very important people to me over the past couple of year. Ruth Snyder, especially, is such an amazing woman – that I want to have a chance to really sit down with her and have a chat.

There are my seven reasons. Are you interesting in attending such a wonderful place? Drop over to Inscribe and see what it’s all about.

And find out more about 7 Essential Habits for Christian Writers.


I have heard it is a fabulous resource. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet as I am getting ready to go away.


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