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Podcasts and Posts

My month has flown by since we came home from Arizona. Although I haven’t been writing blog posts much on this blog I have been making podcasts and blogging for Hope Stream Radio and also for A Beautiful Life Ministry. I hope you can take a minute and listen or read my thoughts.

Here are the most recent podcasts with blog posts from Hope Stream Radio.


40 Days of Lent – A Time To Study And Reflect

Seeking Jesus: How to Discern Fake News and Alternative Facts

Lenten Reflections: How Do you Focus on God’s Word?

After Easter Thoughts – How to Follow Jesus

Are You Being Blown By The Wind Of God?- Listening To The Holy Spirit

And here are two of my posts from A Beautiful Ministry.


5 Ways to Make Prayer Come Alive

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What’s Your Purpose?

What’s Your Purpose?

Today I am guest posting on A Beautiful Life Ministry with a blog post called What’s Your Purpose.

The past few weeks I have been on an entirely new venture – launching a children’s book. When I published my first book, Tadeo Turtle in 2012, I knew nothing about marketing. I didn’t have a platform. I didn’t have very many connections except my writing groups (which are very important). All of a sudden I was an author.

This time I wanted my experience to be different. I wanted to have some idea what I was doing, where I was going and have a plan.

Yes we need a plan.

Do you plan for things? Birthday parties, anniversaries, holidays, daily tasks, errands.

What's Your Purpose

I have been a blogger since 2008. For many years I wrote consistently with no one to read my posts – well very few. Then I started to read more about blogging. I read about the word “platform” and I tried to be a social blogger.

Finally this year I found out what was missing…

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Having a purpose makes decisions easier. (tweet this)