Five Minute Friday – Bacon

Five Minute Friday – Bacon


Just had to write today – so looked for the prompt – bacon – from Five Minute Friday by Kate Motaung. Haven’t done one of these five minute posts for a while. Write for 5 minutes – no editing. Just write.

Timer on: Here goes.  BACON in five minutes (just about the time it takes to microwave it!)

I love the smell of bacon. I love the taste of bacon. Canadian back bacon is especially good – very lean.

When we decided to follow the Paleo diet we knew that meats (especially grass fed, organic meats and chicken) were now allowable as well as lots of fish. Vegetables are at the top of the list. And good fats. But we even learned that organic butter from grass fed cows is okay. We don’t eat grains or sugar. Honestly it has been a fantastic way to eat. Lots of energy, clear thinking and my hubby has lost over 40 pounds since November last year. And the weight stays off.

But in the news this week we heard that the media has called “bacon” the next cancer causing food, putting it in the league with tobacco.

It reminds me of the scare when diabetics were told they couldn’t have saccharin because a mouse who ate ten tons of the stuff (exaggerating) got cancer.

I believe in all things, we need moderation.

We eat lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and lean meats, fish, eggs and good oils. We have the occasional slices of bacon. We try not to overdo anything. We try to find uncured bacon too. We don’t eat processed meats.

In God’s Word He tells us:

Let your reasonableness be known to everyone. The Lord is at hand (Philippians 4:5, ESV);

Let’s be reasonable. Don’t overdo anything, whether it’s bacon,
or something else.

Let’s exercise wisdom, and moderation in everything we do.

Time’s UP!!

Your turn if you want to join in the Five Minute Friday.



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