#UTCOP – How God Answers Prayer

How God Answers Prayer by  Brenda j Wood According to the experts, several things have to line up before God is able to give a yes answer to our prayers. I always think of a NO as God saying “Don’t hurt your self. This isn’t good for you right now.” Think of a five-year-old praying… Continue reading #UTCOP – How God Answers Prayer

#UTCOP – Who is Steroidal Aunt Bessie?

Who is Steroidal Aunt Bessie? by Brenda Wood A killjoy likes to kill joy in others. Their behaviour prevents others from having a good time. We all have an Uncle Freddy who looks down his nose at giggling children and spouts off saying like “In my day, children were seen and not heard!”   Then… Continue reading #UTCOP – Who is Steroidal Aunt Bessie?

What are The Icks?

What are the Icks? by Brenda Wood. I laughed out loud when I saw the cartoon. The Israelites were in the centre of a major miracle, crossing the Red Sea on dry ground as banks of water towered over their heads. One person looked down and cried, “Ick! A fish!”