The waiting – Week 1blog Holiday

The waiting – Week 1blog Holiday Waiting – we want to know more about this don’t we. I am taking a blogging holiday but will be posting something to think about and giving a chance for others to continue linking at Word of God Speak. #WOGSlinkup In order to be fit and ready I am… Continue reading The waiting – Week 1blog Holiday

#UTCOP – How God Answers Prayer

How God Answers Prayer by  Brenda j Wood According to the experts, several things have to line up before God is able to give a yes answer to our prayers. I always think of a NO as God saying “Don’t hurt your self. This isn’t good for you right now.” Think of a five-year-old praying… Continue reading #UTCOP – How God Answers Prayer

Can You Wait?

Can You Wait? by Susan Hitchman Why do we buy potted tomato plants in spring instead of tomato seeds in winter? Why do we see movies on their opening weekend instead of several weeks or months later? Why do we stop by fast food restaurants instead of pulling a recipe book out of the cupboard?… Continue reading Can You Wait?

How Long Will You Wait?

How Long Will You Wait? by S.D.Hitchman   Apparently Pablo Picasso once said: Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone. Interesting thought. This puts a new spin on procrastination. It shows us that procrastination is a tool for prioritization. Whether actively or passively, when we ‘put off until tomorrow’ we… Continue reading How Long Will You Wait?