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Teamwork – Week3Blog Holiday

Teamwork – Week3Blog Holiday

It’s all about teamwork. That’s what I learned this year at VBS. For the first time I worked with others and felt the spirit of teamwork. Other years I had help but I had to oversee everything. This year we worked together and I let the spirit lead me in everything I did. It felt marvellous.

Three things I learned:

1. Prayer:

Every morning during camp, God woke me at 5 or 5:30 (a little earlier than normal) to have time to spend with Him. Every morning our team prayed together before camp. This is teamwork with God and others.



2. We sang:

Our songs helped me as well as the children remember to have faith in Jesus.

Choose Jesus, John 3:16, I’m Keeping my Eyes on Jesus, My God is so big, (and others as well). I am still singing those songs.

3. Change is okay:

Even though I had a “plan”, I was able to change it as the needs changed. It felt great to follow the Holy Spirit.

What a great week!


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The Way – Week 2Blog Holiday

 The Way – Week 2Blog Holiday

In this second week I am running a Vacation Bible School. Next week a few words about that. For now know that I know Jesus will lead the way for the children, the leaders, and me.

Is he leading your way?

Jesus Leads the Way

Thanks to Pablo for the photo

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The waiting – Week 1blog Holiday

The waiting – Week 1blog Holiday

Waiting – we want to know more about this don’t we.


I am taking a blogging holiday but will be posting something to think about and giving a chance for others to continue linking at Word of God Speak. #WOGSlinkup

In order to be fit and ready I am going to spend more time with Him this summer.

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Blessings as you write for Him,


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Five Things I Learned During My Blogging Sabbatical

Five Things I Learned During My Blogging Sabbatical


Welcome to UTCOP’s new home.

Although there might be a few more changes in store for readers – this will be Under the Cover of Prayer’s new home. Praising God for a fairly smooth move – a few hiccups but they were solvable.

What this holiday has done is said so well by Oswald Chambers. My answer is YES.

Is there a freshness and vigour in our spiritual outlook? ~ (Oswald Chambers, May 9th)

There are 5 big things God has shown me in this month of Sabbath Blogging Rest:


Since my mind is always twirling, whirling, inventing, discussing, questioning … I need to find a way to focus on the task at hand. I always managed before to get all those post up and running (mostly) on time. However, I also was doing too much and going in too many directions. And losing that focus.

God showed me that the focus of what I do and what is important for Him is PRAYER. Yes connecting with Him and showing others how important that is in their lives.

Be Intentional

God also showed me that in order to do this I have to be intentional with my day. So I need a plan. Yes I dread that word. But I am looking for a successful simple way to plan my week. If you know of how to do that please tell me.

I believe God still wants me to write. I have 2 children’s books, one devotional (or Bible study) and a prayer book all in the works. So I need to be intentional so I can finish something. Right?

In being intentional God also told me that I can’t be so stuck on that habit that I forget the Holy Spirit who can interrupt at any time and change my direction. That doesn’t mean a phone call, an email, or a husband wanting to chat. But it does mean that I need to take my head up from my computer at set intervals and check with the world around me.

K.I.S.S. Social Media

Social Media and commenting on blogs are important means to build community. However, I have to learn to make it simple and for it not to overwhelm my day. Once again I need a plan and a timer and remember there is only so much time I can devote to it.

Reach Out to My Online Community

Even though I am behind a screen we have built a community here on line. I would like the opportunity to pray for you. You can use the comment section or email me at UTCOP. I promise to pray for your request.

If you are able I would love you to tell me of your answered prayers.

Reach Out to My Home Community

Yes, when we are squirrelled away behind a screen we might forget the world around us. I know I do. It is easier to sit here and type than to meet the community. My husband does the shopping (and in our small town that is where we meet people). I plan to do one or two trips to town a week just for that purpose – for those God appointments. (I have had a few all ready!)

My summer is community oriented. I joined a Time Outs for Moms, 2x a month. I am running a Vacation Bible School at our church. I am going on my 5th trip to Poland with an Evangelical Camp which teaches English.


Lord thank You for showing me when to stop and regroup. Thank You for showing me so much in the past month. Lord bless all of my readers who are reading this post today. Speak into their hearts and give them wisdom, truth and perseverance to follow You, Jesus. In Your Name, AMEN.

It would be a privilege to pray for you.




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Five Things I Learned During My Blogging Sabbatical. (tweet this)
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Sunday Stillness – Sabbath Rest

Sunday Stillness – Sabbath Rest

I am off on a blogging holiday this week. We need Sabbath rests.


God tells us to take time to rest.

Please read all the wonderful posts linked below. Posters, please continue to add your posts this week. Scroll to the bottom to see the links. Thanks.



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