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August Surprise

August Surprise

For the month of August Tadeo Turtle will be available from me – a signed copy – for only $10 plus shipping ($3.50). There is a special landing page for this promotion. It will run August 3- September 5. One month of savings.

Available for Canada and US only.

Please follow to great savings at August Surprise page.



Great savings #Homeschool Tadeo #turtle for one month. Special Page for savings. $10 plus ship. signed copy. (click to tweet)

CyberMonday – Where do I find good Christian books?

CyberMonday – Where do I find good Christian books?

Please check out a wonderful post written by Lorilyn Roberts, founder of John316 Network for Christian authors.

Perhaps this Christmas you don’t have a lot of money to spend on gifts. Have you considered giving books as Christmas presents? I’d be willing to bet they will outlast the latest iPhone or iMac computer.

Ten years from now, those electronic gadgets will be in a landfill somewhere, long replaced by something bigger and faster. Stories last forever,  like that book my dad gave me for Christmas when he hardly had a dime to spare.

When is the last time you read a really good book anyway? Probably too long (Lorilyn Roberts).


CyberMonday - Lorilyn Roberts

Christian Books Make Great Christmas Gifts by Lorilyn Roberts.

And remember to check out Tadeo Turtle – My book is on sale right now for 99 cent Kindle and also for only $10 autographed (plus shipping) both in Canada and the US. Take advantage of this offer now – only until December 15.



CyberMonday – Great Christmas gifts from #Christian Authors. (Click to tweet)

#CyberMonday – Tadeo #Turtle 99 cents Kindle, $10 signed copy +ship (click to Tweet)


Friday Features: How I learn so much from Ed Hird’s books

Friday Features: How I learn so much from Ed Hird’s books

Battle for the Soul of Canada front cover

A few years back I had the pleasure to have dinner with Ed Hird and Janet Sketchley before we attended The Word Guild Awards. Ed had just written Battle for the Soul of Canada, based on Timothy. As he talked about his book I got more and more animated and excited. After the awards and the Write!Canada Conference I went home, read through his book and decided to write a Bible Study based on some of the chapters. It amazed me how quickly the appropriate Scriptures for each section came to me, and how the questions made sense. The Bible Study is available for free by emailing Janis – in PDF, mobi and epub.

REstoring Health ed hird cover

Ed now has his second book out Restoring Health – Mind, Body and Spirit. This book is based on Titus. Once again as I read his book I become excited. It is packed full of information and practical suggestions of how to become healthy leaders. I am using my SIMPLE method of study for each of the verses, and then reading what Ed has to say. My excitement is growing. Maybe I will ask if I can do another Bible study based on his book?

Two books – awesome reading. I urge you to check out both of these wonderful spirit-filled books.


Learn much through two books by @edhird – Battle for the Soul of Canada and Restoring Health (click to tweet).

Tuesday Thoughts – Where can you buy good books written by Christians?

 Where can you buy good books written by Christians?


from digital photos. net “Glittery Christmas Background”

I belong to a group called The John 316 Network. We are a group of Christian writers who are aspiring to help one another in this exciting, confusing world of marketing books.

Lorilyn Roberts started the group. I joined this year. I have learned so much.

We have a wonderful promotion on at the moment. We have set up a page to help you find the book you are looking for. We have a comparison chart – that allows you to see a more familiar best selling book and then our book. Check out Comparison Shop.

For instance, for my book, Tadeo Turtle here is the comparison:

Fiction – Children

If you liked “The Berenstain Bears’ God Made You Special” by Jan and Stan Berenstain…







You will love “Tadeo Turtle” by Janis Cox.

Click here to learn more or to purchase.







You can see all comparisons at Christmas books. Click on Christmas books to go directly to the website.

We have compared books that you may not have discovered
with more well-known books that have a similar style or flavour.
Enjoy perusing these 40 plus books which are linked to Amazon for easy purchase.


And don’t forget,
Jesus is the reason for the season.




40 books written by #John316Author Links to Amazon. Smart shoppers comparison shop. (click to tweet)

Friday Features – What’s been happening?

Friday Features – What’s been happening?


photo from digitalphotos.net

Here are a few updates:

I am no longer posting Under the Cover of Prayer posts. At least for the time being God has told me to put this endeavour down. It is like a Sabbath Rest. Thank you to all my contributors for the past 4 years.

You can see all my Contributors from their bios on the Contributors to Under the Cover of Prayer and their individual posts at Under the Cover of Prayer Posts  on the menu.

I am writing once a month for Kimberley Payne’s blog on prayer. Here are my first two posts.

What is Prayer Walking?
Can You Wait in Expectation?

I also write at Family and Faith Matters. Recently I have been on a journey learning more about natural foods. Check out my posts on the changing of my eating habits.

Does What you eat Make a Difference?
A New Way of Looking at Food
Another 7 Super Foods
7 New Super Foods

Thanks for keeping in touch with me on my blog, through Facebook and Twitter.






Are You Spiritually Obese?

Are you Spiritually Obese?

by Tanya Are-you-spiritually-obese-By-Tanay We sit in church and listen attentively to the wonderful sermon that was preached and feel so refreshed by it. We go online and read a wonderful blog about how some person has been working for the Lord. We read the word of God and gain wonderful insights into the meaning of the passage of scripture.

Yet…we sit and do nothing.

Life happens. Work happens. Children happen . And so you find yourself too tired to play an active role in working for the Lord. And each week you return to church to receive another blessing from the service. And so we take in and take in, but we don’t do any spiritual work.

And so we become…spiritually obese.

Well today, I want to tell us all, to get up and get moving spiritually. Let us work the work of faith.

Let us shake off the spiritual lethargy that has us failing to work in service to God in sharing God’s love with others.

As we receive the truth, let us say like Jesus:


I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work (John 9:4, King James Version).

We don’t need any special qualifications to work for God.
We don’t need money to work for God.
We don’t need a special time to work for God.


What we need to do is to get up in faith, and share a smile, a word of encouragement, a prayer…

Then it will be that we will stop only being fed, but also share and feed others the spiritual Bread which we have received.


Oh Lord, help us to share Your word with others, that they too may be blessed, as we have been by receiving Your Word. In Jesus’ Name we pray. AMEN.

 Tanya – from God’s Character

Tanya is a child of God, wife, stay at home mom and homeschooler. She loves the Lord and loves telling people about who He is. By God’s grace her husband and she intend to live out Joshua’s statement “but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”. And so her greatest desire is to see her Lord face to face and along with her family, join in the joyous strains of triumphant voices praising our Lord and King. Check out her blog at God’s Character.


#UTCOP had moved successfully to its new home here on www.janiscox.com


Thanks for all your support.

At the end of my blogging Sabbath (mid May) I will be up and running again with posts about prayer. You will see #UTCOP up and running.

#SundayStillness will still be every Sunday.

Hope you take a moment and subscribe to www.janiscox.com. See the sidebar.



Comments are on.

I would love to hear from you. Any suggestions to make it easier for you.


Under the Cover of Prayer (#UTCOP) has moved to www.janiscox.com. Please drop over.

How Does it Feel Mid Blogging Sabbath Rest?

How Does it Feel Mid Blogging Sabbath Rest?

First of all – I miss writing.

Second – I am enjoying the freedom the Sabbath is providing me.

Third – I don’t feel pressured. I feel like the Holy Spirit is leading me each day to figure out what to do next.

This is what I have found out so far.

1. I need to bring this blog over to my website, He Cares for You. www.janiscox.com.


2. I need to give my wonderful email subscribers and RSS Feed Subscribers ample time to drive over and get settled.

To that end I would ask you to do the following:

1. Drop over right now to www.janiscox.com and subscribe by email. That way when I do the export I won’t lose you.

2. Join my Newsletter at the same time and you won’t miss a thing. New surprises each edition. Free colour prints of my artwork.

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3. Pray that the change over will work without too many glitches. (Just today in setting up my website to prepare it for the import – many things had to be changed, new learning lessons, for his old gal.)

4. You won’t find Under the Cover of Prayer there YET. Don’t worry I will tell you when I actually move.

Feel free to ask me any questions you might have.

A Round up of Prayer Posts

A Round up of Prayer Posts

While I am on a one month blogging holiday I thought I would leave you with a round-up of most read posts from Under the Cover of Prayer in the past year. I am taking off the comments but anytime you need to reach me please email Under the Cover of Prayer. I hope you enjoy these:

Peace by Janis Cox


At our church we have a song we sing at the end of most services called “Go Now in Peace”. That is so important – to remain at peace – even in the middle of a storm. Read More.

How Do I Pray When Words Fail? by Mark D. Roberts


“O LORD, hear me as I pray; pay attention to my groaning” (Psalm 5:1 NLT).

 What is prayer?

The most basic answer says that prayer is talking to God. Sometimes we talk to God through singing. Sometimes we talk silently with words that are not actually expressed. But, for most of us, most of the time, prayer is talking to GodRead more

How Can We Learn from the First Prayer in the Bible? Ron Hughes

Bible If you accept the idea that prayer is a conversation with God, the first prayer recorded in the Bible is found in Genesis. The context suggests that human/divine interaction “in the cool of the day” was a regular feature of life in Eden. Read more.


A round up  #UTCOP prayer posts. @markdroberts @ronhugheswrites @authorjaniscox (tweet this)

How do I pray when words fail? @markdroberts (tweet this)

What can we learn from the first prayer in the Bible? @ronhugheswrites (tweet this)

What is prayer? @markdroberts  (tweet this)




Joy to the World

Joy to the World – Christmas Day, 2013

by Janis Cox


Watercolour by Janis Cox, Christmas 2013

Joy to the World

Please enjoy Chris Tomlin singing Joy to the World – Joy Unspeakable Joy

Merry Christmas everyone,



I would ask that you join me over at He Cares for Us. www.janiscox.com to see two new Christmas watercolours.