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Just a quick update

Just a quick update

I attended a writer’s conference last week. Lots on my mind. No time for Creative Tuesdays but if you have enjoyed following the link, here is it: Creative Tuesdays – Aqua.

We met our team from Hope Stream Radio for a photo-opt. It wasn’t easy getting us together but we did it. We kept losing someone. I have a podcast every Tuesday and sometimes on Saturday.


Kimberley Payne interviewed me for her podcasting venture. She has developed a program called BEEP – Bible, Exercise, Eating, Prayer. She interviewed 4 of us to find out how we do “BEEP on the road”. Below is the link to her interview on YouTube.

See you at Sunday Stillness.


Friday Features – What’s been happening?

Friday Features – What’s been happening?


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Here are a few updates:

I am no longer posting Under the Cover of Prayer posts. At least for the time being God has told me to put this endeavour down. It is like a Sabbath Rest. Thank you to all my contributors for the past 4 years.

You can see all my Contributors from their bios on the Contributors to Under the Cover of Prayer and their individual posts at Under the Cover of Prayer Posts  on the menu.

I am writing once a month for Kimberley Payne’s blog on prayer. Here are my first two posts.

What is Prayer Walking?
Can You Wait in Expectation?

I also write at Family and Faith Matters. Recently I have been on a journey learning more about natural foods. Check out my posts on the changing of my eating habits.

Does What you eat Make a Difference?
A New Way of Looking at Food
Another 7 Super Foods
7 New Super Foods

Thanks for keeping in touch with me on my blog, through Facebook and Twitter.