Just a quick update

Just a quick update

I attended a writer’s conference last week. Lots on my mind. No time for Creative Tuesdays but if you have enjoyed following the link, here is it: Creative Tuesdays – Aqua.

We met our team from Hope Stream Radio for a photo-opt. It wasn’t easy getting us together but we did it. We kept losing someone. I have a podcast every Tuesday and sometimes on Saturday.


Kimberley Payne interviewed me for her podcasting venture. She has developed a program called BEEP – Bible, Exercise, Eating, Prayer. She interviewed 4 of us to find out how we do “BEEP on the road”. Below is the link to her interview on YouTube.

See you at Sunday Stillness.




  1. BTw, I have two World Vision girls. One who replaced the other whose fam left the area but I keep Fatima’s pic as well as Bizzy’s. They live in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, where my cousin also lives, having returned to the place of her birth and upbringing. (My uncle worked for BBC radio back in the day.)

    Anyway, World Vision is a great org.

    1. Michael,
      We had been part of Foster Parent plan for a long time. But our “foster daughter” grew up. We decided to sponsor Jeo when my friend Ali Matthews came to sing and talk about World Vision. I love the connection they give you to the children. It is a wonderful organization.

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