Summer Reading – Week4 Blog Holiday

Summer Reading – Week4 Blog Holiday Taking time to read good fiction books. I love summer reading. At Write!Canada I picked up a few books. Didn’t know what they were going to be like. I was pleasantly surprised. Julianna by Mary Bentley-Lloyd   A well-written story of history and romance set in the days of… Continue reading Summer Reading – Week4 Blog Holiday

Just a quick update

Just a quick update I attended a writer’s conference last week. Lots on my mind. No time for Creative Tuesdays but if you have enjoyed following the link, here is it: Creative Tuesdays – Aqua. We met our team from Hope Stream Radio for a photo-opt. It wasn’t easy getting us together but we did… Continue reading Just a quick update

OPPORTUNITY – Five Minute Fridays

Opportunity “A favourable junction of circumstances” – that’s opportunity. I believe God brings us opportunities. I also believe that we sometimes say no, due to fear, worry and circumstances. Grace Fox’s Bible study, Moving From Fear to Freedom, is breaking down some of those barriers for me. For a long time I would tell myself… Continue reading OPPORTUNITY – Five Minute Fridays


Simply Saturday On Saturdays I write for only 5 minutes – the topic today is Write!Canada. Write!Canada At the time of your reading this post I will be on the last day of my writers’ conference, Write!Canada held in Guelph, Ontario. I have attended this conference for the past seven years and each year get… Continue reading SIMPLY SATURDAY – Write!Canada

Under the Cover of Prayer

I started out blogging a few years ago – trying to find out what God wanted me to talk about. I wrote Shining His Light and Spirit-Filled Canada which I have now closed for lack of time. Last year at our Writers’ Conference, Write!Canada, God put upon my heart to blog about prayer. I was… Continue reading Under the Cover of Prayer