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Are You Spiritually Obese?

Are you Spiritually Obese?

by Tanya Are-you-spiritually-obese-By-Tanay We sit in church and listen attentively to the wonderful sermon that was preached and feel so refreshed by it. We go online and read a wonderful blog about how some person has been working for the Lord. We read the word of God and gain wonderful insights into the meaning of the passage of scripture.

Yet…we sit and do nothing.

Life happens. Work happens. Children happen . And so you find yourself too tired to play an active role in working for the Lord. And each week you return to church to receive another blessing from the service. And so we take in and take in, but we don’t do any spiritual work.

And so we become…spiritually obese.

Well today, I want to tell us all, to get up and get moving spiritually. Let us work the work of faith.

Let us shake off the spiritual lethargy that has us failing to work in service to God in sharing God’s love with others.

As we receive the truth, let us say like Jesus:


I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work (John 9:4, King James Version).

We don’t need any special qualifications to work for God.
We don’t need money to work for God.
We don’t need a special time to work for God.


What we need to do is to get up in faith, and share a smile, a word of encouragement, a prayer…

Then it will be that we will stop only being fed, but also share and feed others the spiritual Bread which we have received.


Oh Lord, help us to share Your word with others, that they too may be blessed, as we have been by receiving Your Word. In Jesus’ Name we pray. AMEN.

 Tanya – from God’s Character

Tanya is a child of God, wife, stay at home mom and homeschooler. She loves the Lord and loves telling people about who He is. By God’s grace her husband and she intend to live out Joshua’s statement “but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”. And so her greatest desire is to see her Lord face to face and along with her family, join in the joyous strains of triumphant voices praising our Lord and King. Check out her blog at God’s Character.


Praying the Contemplative Way

by Judith Lawrence 

We must expect contemplative activity to show itself in different ways and take many different names since its character will be governed by individual temperament. Evelyn Underhill: Mysticism (page 222)

Spiritual growth is unique to each one of us and cannot be compared to or measured alongside another’s growth. God is not looking for conformity but a special, one-of-a-kind relationship with each individual. Judith Lawrence: Highway of Holiness: Soul Journey (page 17)

 So, then, when we pray the contemplative way, the resulting experience will be different for each one of us. The way in which we seek God and find the Sacred One in the course of contemplative prayer will be unique to each one of us. Each individual sits or kneels, stands or walks in God’s presence, lovingly looks at God, and finds what God would show of grace to that praying person.

There can be no revelation to another of God’s showing to the praying individual; there can be no discussion of what God reveals of grace to one person with another, for this could lead to competition or jealousy between praying people.

God reveals himself to each individual in a unique way and that is God’s gift to us. It is with great joy and thanksgiving that we receive this gift from God and give back to God our love and praise.


Judith Lawrence

Judith is a Professional member of The Word Guild and author of two non-fiction books, Prayer Companion: A Treasury of Personal Meditation, and Glorious Autumn Days: Meditations for the Wisdom Years, as well as one book of mystical poetry, Grapes from the Vine. Judith writes a monthly meditation, which can be found on her website: www.judithlawrence.ca.  Judith’s latest spiritual book, Highway of Holiness: Soul Journey is now available. You can purchase it through Wipf and Stock Publishers.