OPPORTUNITY – Five Minute Friday

Opportunity – Five Minute Friday

Taking My First Steps in 2013 – Walking with Jesus

I know – it is Saturday but yesterday I was not well at all. So I listened to my body and went to bed early. I feel much better today.

Linking in again to Lisa-Jo for Five-Minute Fridays. With the word “opportunity” I take 5 minutes to write – no editing. GO

This is 2013 – and a year filled with opportunities. My main focus has always been “live for Jesus”. But how? I don’t need to “do” anything to “earn” His love. I know that. But I still want to LIVE for Him.

Every opportunity I have to bless someone – to help someone – to encourage someone – I want to be able to stop my Martha – and live with Mary. Can they both work together this year? In order to do something I need my Martha but in order to be with Jesus I need my Mary.

Does anyone else feel that way?

Mary – I love the opportunity to just sit with God in the mornings – read His Word, study and pray. Then I make myself sit still and listen to Him. This is always the hardest part as my “mental racket” (taken from Ron Hughes, Refresh) is so loud that I can’t hear God’s voice. OUCH.

Martha – I love to be task-oriented. I love jobs to do. Sometimes I do them too quickly; make errors; but I do produce a lot. Is that good? I don’t know.

I want to take this year to delve into things that will bring me closer and closer to Jesus. I want to walk boldly into situations and not fear anything. I need Him. I am learning I can’t go in my own strength. But I can move mountains when I am with Him.


Do you have something to say about the word OPPORTUNITY? Please write to me in the comments or if you bog about this put your link in the comments too. I hope to make a LINKY myself one day when Martha has time.



Five-Minute Fridays


  1. I was also late with my Five Minute Friday! 🙂 I enjoyed reading yours this morning…I can also relate to Mary and Martha in those ways. I think you have an exciting year ahead as you walk with your God! Blessings on all those opportunities He puts before you!

  2. Mia,
    Good morning. Yes definitely late. But learning to live with HIm this year – that will be my challenge.

  3. Hi there! So glad you got your post in. It was a crazy day without the “linky tool” working at Lisa-Jo’s anyway, so we left everything there in comments.
    Hope you are feeling better…and I was having one of those days too yesterday so I got mine in late last night and then had to monitor comments while we watched TV (thank goodness for little ipods)
    I think a Godly woman knows how to balance the Martha and Mary. I never got too stuck on the two characters, but am blending them as I go along apparently.
    Here’s my link for Opportunity, but you may have already gotten it in your email and/or FB

    Stay Healthy and Happy New Year my new friend!!!

    1. Thanks – you are right – and most times that works but I do have an unbalance of Martha – before she used to be 95% – so I am working on it.

  4. Hi dear Janis
    I hope you are well and I always say it is better to be late than never! Yes, my friend, as we learn to live in Him, with Him going before us, mountains do become mole hills!
    Much love

    1. Yes better to be late than never… this week has been tough keeping on track. Looking forward to marching into 2013.

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