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COULD I JOIN THE GOD TEAM? – Five-Minute Fridays

Linking to Lisa-Jo for Five-Minute Fridays (FMF) where we write for only 5 minutes then STOP. If you want to join – just come along.

Could I Join the God Team? – FMF

Jan Cox

Becoming the Real Me by Joining

Twenty-five years ago something happened to shake my trust in people. That incident made me build a wall around my family, my emotions and my body. For fifteen years I held back; I became a controller over everything and everybody; my body ached.

Ten years ago something changed – I found people who cared about the real me. I found a church were I could be exactly who I am. I found Christ. I joined a loving, caring community where I learned about God and His love for me.

My world expanded. I relaxed. My body healed. My mind healed. And my soul grew.

My friends accepted me – that is crucial. So I started to join the world again – a little wiser and more discerning – but I joined.

I stretched – and became an open, loving person. God showed me Himself and each day I learn more and more about His mercy and His grace as I study and be with others who believe in Him.

I joined God – that was a big decision. That changed my life. I let Jesus become the leader and I joined the team. Hallelujah!

I lurked on the Five-Minute Fridays for a few days only before I said, “Why not?” Such wonderful connections have been made.

God is building a new Kingdom – He is using Internet tools connect us together and make new disciples.

Have you joined the God Team?

Are you free to join in with other people? Ask God to help you break through that barrier. Tell me your story.



5-Minute Friday – Join

STRETCH – Five-Minute Fridays

Stretch – Five-Minute Fridays

One way of stretching myself

Linking to Five-Minute Fridays and the word today is STRETCH. I have five minutes to write. GO

I learned to stretch my body when I knew that my back and my knees didn’t work very well. A physiotherapist told me to stretch. And I did – I stretched and I stretched and eventually along with other helps my body returned to “normal”.

During this time I also stretched my soul. I came to know Christ and His saving love. I yearned for that. My spirit stretched and I found out more about me – who I am and who God wants me to be.

Also my personality took a big stretch – from being a Martha to learning to be a Mary (at least some of the time). Jesus said “let Mary do this, it is the better way” – so I listened and learned to stop, breathe, feel the quiet and the stillness.

The next stretch along my path will be to market my new little children’s book, Tadeo Turtle. Lots of stretching here. During the past ten years I have learned to write, to paint; I attended writers’ conferences; I listened and stretched. With God leading me the next stage will be fun and full of new experiences.

What are you stretching? Your body, your mind or your spirit? Or all three. I would love to know – please comment and let’s get a discussion going.

My time is UP. Your turn.