STRETCH – Five-Minute Fridays

Stretch – Five-Minute Fridays

One way of stretching myself

Linking to Five-Minute Fridays and the word today is STRETCH. I have five minutes to write. GO

I learned to stretch my body when I knew that my back and my knees didn’t work very well. A physiotherapist told me to stretch. And I did – I stretched and I stretched and eventually along with other helps my body returned to “normal”.

During this time I also stretched my soul. I came to know Christ and His saving love. I yearned for that. My spirit stretched and I found out more about me – who I am and who God wants me to be.

Also my personality took a big stretch – from being a Martha to learning to be a Mary (at least some of the time). Jesus said “let Mary do this, it is the better way” – so I listened and learned to stop, breathe, feel the quiet and the stillness.

The next stretch along my path will be to market my new little children’s book, Tadeo Turtle. Lots of stretching here. During the past ten years I have learned to write, to paint; I attended writers’ conferences; I listened and stretched. With God leading me the next stage will be fun and full of new experiences.

What are you stretching? Your body, your mind or your spirit? Or all three. I would love to know – please comment and let’s get a discussion going.

My time is UP. Your turn.






  1. In from FMF…Love this…similar stretches in my life, minus the children’s book 🙂 Look forward to stopping again! Love how God stretches us without breaking us!!

    1. Yes, I read Michael Hyatt this morning and he talked about dealing with problems in a business and how that is a good thing – because without problems we wouldn’t have a good job. So God is always stretching us – to gain experiences and learn, to help others and rely on Him so we are not afraid of moving forward.

  2. Thanks for sharing, definitely good words here on stretching in all areas of life:). I can relate to needing to stretch the body for sure and enjoyed hearing your take on this as well.

  3. Visiting from The Friday Five (except on Saturday this week). Good words. I too, am stretching in many directions, most deeply stretching my heart with acceptance of tough situations and learning, growing. As with a deep stretch, learning I can go farther and do more than I thought possible. With His strength and love.

    1. Oh I can feel the pain in those word, “deeply stretching my heart”. May the Lord guide you and give you His strength and wisdom as you stretch to learn more through Him.

  4. Wow! Sounds like some really good stretching going on around here. And another Martha mention – I’ve been seeing quite a few of those lately, and I’m sure it’s a much needed reminder for me.

      1. Hi Jan, you’re right about that. I recently wrote about Martha and Mary too. I know He is inviting me to be more like Mary because He is stretching me in MANY ways. Thank you for this wonderful post.

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