Fairies: Scribble Picnic

Once again I am joining Scribble Picnic with the word – Fairies. I’m thinking imagination – when I think of fairies. I loved Grimm’s Fairy Tales when I was little. I remember sitting close to my Dad while he would read the stories. Yes they were scary but there was always good that came through.… Continue reading Fairies: Scribble Picnic

Umbrella: Scribble Picnic

Umbrella: Scribble Picnic Here it is Wednesday and Scribble Picnic day. Our word for this week is UMBRELLA. We have been in Arizona for 4 months and have had the wettest winter ever. That’s not saying we have had much rain but we have had more rain that we have ever had. A few times… Continue reading Umbrella: Scribble Picnic

Octopus: Scribble Picnic

Octopus: Scribble Picnic I’m back to joining the prompts by Dotty Hill. This week the prompt is Octopus. I didn’t find out about this until late – so I grabbed my pencil, then micropens and then my watercolour pencil crayons and began. As soon as I read the word “Octopus” I knew I had to… Continue reading Octopus: Scribble Picnic