Radio – How I broadcast at Hope Stream Radio

Broadcasting on Radio This week’s prompt for #ScribblePicnic is “radio”. Actually it is too funny that this is today’s prompt. Last week I spent time at a Christian Writers’ Conference in Edmonton, Alberta. It is called Inscribe Writers’ Fellowship. What an amazing time I had! Look for changes coming in the next months. For “radio”… Continue reading Radio – How I broadcast at Hope Stream Radio

Don’t peel that birch bark!

Don’t peel the birch bark! Scribble Picnic: Curly The prompt this week is curly. When we first think of curly we think of curly locks – Shirley Temple. But my mind went to our week at the cottage when the kids brought some pieces of birch bark over to the fire. Joining #ScribblePicnic with Michael.… Continue reading Don’t peel that birch bark!

What’s in a Dot? An Art Prompt

Scribble Picnic: Fill in the Blank Mr Michael at #ScribblePicnic gave a very usual prompt this time. It was called “Fill in the Blank”. Take a look below. We were to take this exact shape and size (we could turn it around and change the colour) and incorporate it into a picture. Since Canada 150… Continue reading What’s in a Dot? An Art Prompt

Tadeo Turtle enjoys a delicious piece of watermelon

Scribble Picnic: Watermelon This week for #ScribblePicnic the prompt is watermelon. That is a savoury treat for this time of year. Since I have seen so many pictures of turtles snacking on watermelons I couldn’t resist putting my little Tadeo in this week’s picture. Here he is enjoying his juicy watermelon treat. Tadeo Turtle was… Continue reading Tadeo Turtle enjoys a delicious piece of watermelon

Memories from Jars

Jars – Scribble Picnic Today the prompt for #Scribblepicnic is JARS. I checked the definition of jar, as most people would probably think of a glass jar. Jar: a wide-mouthed, cylindrical container made of glass or pottery, especially one used for storing food. Synonyms: container, pot, crock, receptacle, cookie jar, mason jar, ginger jar  … Continue reading Memories from Jars

Ladder – Scribble Picnic

A little late for #Scribblepicnic tonight. The word prompt is “ladder”. My excuse is below. We have had quite the week. We left Arizona on the red eye last Tuesday night – arrived Wednesday morning. A little sleepy we were. After a ride from airport to north of Barrie, we had a little nap at our… Continue reading Ladder – Scribble Picnic

Boats: Scribble Picnic

Today is #Scribblepicnic day. The prompt is boats. My picture is painted with watercolour pencils. No micron pens today. I don’t come from a boating family. I remember the one and only time being in a boat before I turned 16. We had rented a cottage on an island and with it came a boat.… Continue reading Boats: Scribble Picnic

Octopus: Scribble Picnic

Octopus: Scribble Picnic I’m back to joining the prompts by Dotty Hill. This week the prompt is Octopus. I didn’t find out about this until late – so I grabbed my pencil, then micropens and then my watercolour pencil crayons and began. As soon as I read the word “Octopus” I knew I had to… Continue reading Octopus: Scribble Picnic

Fuzzy Lion – Creative Tuesdays

Fuzzy Lion – Creative Tuesdays Prompt for Creative Tuesdays – Fuzzy – The definition of fuzzy: covered with short, soft hairs, fur etc. My choice for Creative Tuesday’s prompt  is a lion. I have seen fuzzy lions as toys. My lion however is the real thing. However, if he were not as fierce, I think… Continue reading Fuzzy Lion – Creative Tuesdays

Creative Tuesdays – Orange

Creative Tuesdays – Orange Yes challenged again for Creative Tuesdays. The prompt is “orange”. And you know that I will always think of what God’s Word says or shows about orange. I started reading through the Psalms a few weeks back, but my friend started a Facebook Bible Study on Proverbs, so I switched. Then… Continue reading Creative Tuesdays – Orange