Ladder – Scribble Picnic

A little late for #Scribblepicnic tonight. The word prompt is “ladder”. My excuse is below.

We have had quite the week. We left Arizona on the red eye last Tuesday night – arrived Wednesday morning. A little sleepy we were. After a ride from airport to north of Barrie, we had a little nap at our daughter’s home. Then we were ready to tackle shopping and heading back to Haliburton. That day and the next were blurs.

The weekend was family Easter weekend and we had 14 join us (7 grandchildren) and 4 dogs. Very busy, a lot of fun. Now recovering slowly from all the activity. And it rained on and off all weekend. The sun came out yesterday (Tuesday).

Do you feel you are going up and down a ladder?

Sometimes I do. There are times I feel like I’m at the top and other times I feel like I have fallen way down. But it I always look around me when I am on the ladder then I know I can find peace in all the rungs of life.

I found a picture I painted of a ladder from a book I am currently reviewing and editing. It’s Martha and Mary’s story as found in Luke 10:38-42.

Here is my picture:


In my story, Mary is rushing to help Martha as she slept in. However, she catches her foot on the last rung and down she went.

Stay tuned for more information on this upcoming story.

Join us at Scribble Picnic. 

Check out I Remember – The Seasons, written by Brenda Poulos and illustrated by me.

Found at and

Building snowmen…going for hayrides…raking leaves. These are just a few of the pages in I Remember the Seasons that will bring fond memories to life for those affected by Alzheimer’s. I Remember the Seasons is a simple and effective picture book containing lovely illustrations by Janis Cox. Poetry, and discussion questions will set the stage for meaningful conversations between people with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers.




  1. Life certainly never seems to slow down does it Janis! I often feel I’m climbing up never to come back down. I want those lazy days of childhood back – you know, the ones when summer days were carefree, endless, and nothing was on a schedule or list!
    I only seem to relax when I go away from home on a trip now – and that doesn’t happen until I’m done with the airport shenanigans and can at last sit down, squeezed into a seat, with nowhere to go for several hours!

    Take care – and watch out for ladders!
    Mary –

  2. It doesn’t hurt quite yet… bump! It appears that this time MARY was the one who was distracted.

    I think this is one of my favorites of your Picnic Scribbles!

    1. Thank you. I am still working on editing the story and maybe redoing some of the pictures. I guess I’ll keep this one. 🙂

  3. Ouch! This has to be a lesson in how to slow down and keep things safe. The colors are wonderful. And I love the motion captured in her upraised hands.

    1. Thanks Lorraine,
      I actually used one of those bendable figures to see what would happen. Hard to figure out how one would fall.

    1. Alexandra,
      I love the challenge – I also like Five Minute Fridays – given a word to write about. Simple but keeps me on my toes. Thanks so much for adding your thoughts.

  4. I am glad that it was the bottom rung that she fell from. Falling from ladders can be scary, often not being able to see where we will land. Nicely done.

    1. Tammie,
      That’s so true. My great grandfather fell off the top of a ladder and died from the complications. So I am aware of the dangers. I used to have a fear of heights but I am grateful that the Lord cured me of that.
      Many blessings to you,

  5. Janis, that’s a good way to weave in the ladder using Mary and Martha’s strory as a case in point. Well done! Thank you and for also noting that ladders are used not jsut for gogin up but down too….something I jsut noted on my blog now that the illo is finally up there (jsut a drawing for now)!

    I am touched too at your Alzheimer’s book and how much you try so many different avenues to reach people in all the ways you can. I actually listed to two of your podcasts the other day, enjoying hearing your Canadian accent. Your voice is good for radio. I hope you reap everything you sew in this life…and the next.

    Thanks for playing along this week. hope you are feeling recovered now! OH, and I also looked up Halliburton area. Wow, there sure are a lot of lakes near you. A tourist area indeed and I can see why. Lovely.

    1. Michael,
      You have blessed me so much by your encouragement in my writing and painting and now in my speaking too. I have even started to drink more tea. 🙂 You are having an influence in many areas. Had a chaga tea this morning. Have you heard of it? It’s from a wild mushroom that grows on a tree. here is the website: and since I have NO allergies to mushrooms that’s a good thing.
      Your scribble picnic is a way to reach beyond my time – and just do. I have been thinking of trees and how bare they are here in Haliburton and how they will fill out in the next month. Spring is a time of renewal.
      You and Alexandra are welcome here in Haliburton if you ever travel this way. We have extra rooms as we used to have a Bed and Breakfast. Just tell me when you are coming.
      Many blessings,

  6. I’m glad to hear Mary was okay after her fall. Nice work on illustrating it, Janis. Oh yes, the ups and downs of life..seems to be the way of it for me.

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