What do you watch out for?

What do you watch out for? The prompt this week for Scribble Picnic, an art co-operative, is Watch out. How often as parents have we said those words? “Watch out.” “Don’t trip on that log.” ‘Don’t run into that table.” As parents we are conscious of what can happen if a child makes a careless… Continue reading What do you watch out for?

How Can I tie it up? A Lesson in Shoe Tying

How Can I Tie it Up? A Lesson in Shoe Tying Today on #ScribblePicnic Michael gave us this prompt: Tie it up. Since this is the first week back to school my thoughts went to all the tying up of shoes I did as a grade one teacher. And how thrilled I was when those… Continue reading How Can I tie it up? A Lesson in Shoe Tying

Help! Find out why technology has way too many buttons for me.

My Look at Button Technology has made me feel “buttoned” Today on Scribble Picnic we were given the prompt “buttoned”. Yes really that was the prompt. My first thought was the buttons on clothing. Then as I thought more about it I was led to think about all the buttons we press nowadays. It reminds… Continue reading Help! Find out why technology has way too many buttons for me.

What’s in a Dot? An Art Prompt

Scribble Picnic: Fill in the Blank Mr Michael at #ScribblePicnic gave a very usual prompt this time. It was called “Fill in the Blank”. Take a look below. We were to take this exact shape and size (we could turn it around and change the colour) and incorporate it into a picture. Since Canada 150… Continue reading What’s in a Dot? An Art Prompt

Memories from Jars

Jars – Scribble Picnic Today the prompt for #Scribblepicnic is JARS. I checked the definition of jar, as most people would probably think of a glass jar. Jar: a wide-mouthed, cylindrical container made of glass or pottery, especially one used for storing food. Synonyms: container, pot, crock, receptacle, cookie jar, mason jar, ginger jar  … Continue reading Memories from Jars

Why I love the delightful songs of a bird in spring?

Bird – Scribble Picnic It’s Scribble Picnic time again. This week prompt is BIRD. With spring finally arriving here in the Highlands it’s an appropriate time to thing of our feathered friends. I have painted birds before so at the end of this post I will give a gallery of some of my earlier paintings… Continue reading Why I love the delightful songs of a bird in spring?

Ladder – Scribble Picnic

A little late for #Scribblepicnic tonight. The word prompt is “ladder”. My excuse is below. We have had quite the week. We left Arizona on the red eye last Tuesday night – arrived Wednesday morning. A little sleepy we were. After a ride from airport to north of Barrie, we had a little nap at our… Continue reading Ladder – Scribble Picnic

Fairies: Scribble Picnic

Once again I am joining Scribble Picnic with the word – Fairies. I’m thinking imagination – when I think of fairies. I loved Grimm’s Fairy Tales when I was little. I remember sitting close to my Dad while he would read the stories. Yes they were scary but there was always good that came through.… Continue reading Fairies: Scribble Picnic

Scribble Picnic: Lantern

This week’s prompt at #Scribblepicnic is LANTERN. It’s funny that I love lanterns. We have always had a couple of them around. At our cottage we used them quite a bit when the power went out. Learning to trim the wick, add the oil and not touch the glass when it has been lit were… Continue reading Scribble Picnic: Lantern

Octopus: Scribble Picnic

Octopus: Scribble Picnic I’m back to joining the prompts by Dotty Hill. This week the prompt is Octopus. I didn’t find out about this until late – so I grabbed my pencil, then micropens and then my watercolour pencil crayons and began. As soon as I read the word “Octopus” I knew I had to… Continue reading Octopus: Scribble Picnic