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Scribble Picnic: Lantern

This week’s prompt at #Scribblepicnic is LANTERN. It’s funny that I love lanterns. We have always had a couple of them around. At our cottage we used them quite a bit when the power went out. Learning to trim the wick, add the oil and not touch the glass when it has been lit were all learning experiences.

The first time I remember an oil lantern was at a cottage when I was a teenager. I went with a friend and the drive in to the cottage during the night on this long long road, bumpy, one lane terrified me. For my American friends what you call cabin we in Canada call cottage.

Then when we arrived I learned they had NO electricity and guess what they used – right, a lantern.

It’s dark. I’m in a strange place in the dark. My friend showed me how we would light the lanterns, climb the stairs and get into bed. We did have flashlights too.

But once the morning came and I could see where we were it was a delightful weekend and the drive home wasn’t nearly as scary in the daytime.

We have a lantern beside our fireplace at home. Since we are not home I can’t show you the photo of my fireplace and lantern – you will have to picture it from my painting. And yes there is a shade of purple in our stones. (from what I can remember – :))

After printing this I asked our friends who are staying at our home for the winter if they would take a picture of my lantern. So here it is. But I drew my picture from memory.



Micron pen number 03 and watercolour pencil.

Next step is to use some water on it.


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