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Help! Find out why technology has way too many buttons for me.

My Look at Button Technology has made me feel “buttoned”

Today on Scribble Picnic we were given the prompt “buttoned”. Yes really that was the prompt. My first thought was the buttons on clothing. Then as I thought more about it I was led to think about all the buttons we press nowadays.

It reminds me of the rhyme: “Button button whose’s got the button?” But I would change it to: “Button button which one do I press?”

When I grew up we didn’t have a TV for my youngest years. We listened to the radio and we turned it by a dial. When we bought a TV it also had a dial. As I matter of fact most appliances worked with a dial.

But I do remember one car we had that had push button gears, forward, neutral, reverse, drive. It was an automatic too.

I think this video will show the car I remember.  A Dodge 1956

Then came the remotes. For TV, games, audio. And somewhere in there I got lost. It might be because I don’t watch TV very much, but for some reason I have let hubby take control of these widgets. I don’t understand why it takes 3 widgets to get up something to watch. But it does.

So I feel buttoned.

I’m pressed by this digital society to push buttons for everything from the lock on our front door, to the microwave, to my cell phone. Push push push.

Now my grandchildren have no problem with buttons. They have no fear and can get anything to work because they push until it works. They have been born into this “button pushing” world. If I need help now I just ask them.

Soon I’ll be able to get things to move, and work by speaking (Siri?) or maybe eventually thinking it. (That’s scary to me.)

Here is my Scribble Picnic contribution for this week.


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