What do you watch out for?

What do you watch out for?

The prompt this week for Scribble Picnic, an art co-operative, is Watch out.

How often as parents have we said those words? “Watch out.” “Don’t trip on that log.” ‘Don’t run into that table.”

As parents we are conscious of what can happen if a child makes a careless move.

Recently my granddaughter has twice tripped and fallen. She got a goose-egg on her forehead  both times. She is three years old. Will she do it again? Probably. But I am sure she is becoming more aware that she has to watch out where she walks. All paths are not clear of objects.

How often do we do that in our lives? How often can we see trouble coming if we say something and do something? But we do it anyway. We don’t always watch out even though the signs are there.

There are many “watch out”s in the Bible. Here is one that I think we all might take a closer look at.

Don’t be greedy.

 Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; life does not consist in an abundance of possessions (Luke 12:15, NIV).

watch out

I do Bible painting in a special Bible just for art. It helps me remember verses that are important to me. As soon as I read the prompt “watch out”, many verses came to mind. But at the moment decluttering has been on the top of my list. I have pitched (given away) lots of stuff. I have more to go. It is freeing for my mind and soul.

I found this article amazing in how much stuff we are accumulating that we don’t use or need.

21 Surprising Statistics That Reveal How Much Stuff We Actually Own

Lately I have been reading much about simplicity. How much do we really need? There are many articles that show that the more clutter we have the more cluttered our minds become.

Here are some good sites if you are interested in decluttering:

Modern Simplicity by Sandy Kreps

Passionate Homemaking

365 Less Things

Stop Household Clutter 

I have written about decluttering my mind in order to pray.

How to Live simply.


watch out

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  1. Such a beautiful idea to paint in a Bible – I love what you show here Janis.
    Your interpretation of the theme is very good.

    I’ve tried some of Mari Kondo’s tips but unfortunately still have far too much stuff – unlike Michael and Alexandra, I find it hard to let go of my beloved possessions – although I know one can keep those if the unloved stuff is gone! I doubt there will be much leaving this house until we move some day!!!!

    Happy weekend – Mary

  2. I like the idea of watching out for clutter. Good interpretation, Janis. And as you may well know if you;ve read stuff here before, when Alex and I moved to UK last year for close to 4 months, we got rid of lots of stuff and in the end, all we owned fit in the back on one pick up truck! Yup, 16 boxes and some paintings. That was it. We even got rid of all our cutlery, plates, and such, keeping just some essential clothes and about half the stuff was art supplies, nevertheless! Since coming back here, we’ve had to buy a dresser, an ottoman and small table but that’s it. We di Marie Kondos method to the T and have never looked back since, not that we ever had much to start with, mind you!

  3. I like the way you have interpreted this. I have accumulated too much stuff and the process of purging is not enjoyable. I have encouraged my children to take pictures of things instead of buying them if they’re really not necessary. You can always look at a pretty thing that way without having to dust it.

  4. I love a good purge session, especially old artwork. There is something so freeing about chucking a pile of paintings in the bin, walking away and saying “You don’t own me!”

  5. Hi Janis 🙂 Simplicity, in my opinion, brings freedom. When Alex and I left the city 4 years ago, we chose to downsize a lot so that we could live in the mountains and be home all the time. He works from home, building his own business and we live on much less. We’ve purged and are no longer concerned with materialism. It’s a wonderful way to live! Very nice idea! 🙂

  6. Oh so true, Janis and I wish someone had told me that years ago.. I am now in the process of ridding myself of excesses and hopefully filling my life with more meaning. Great choice, Janis …

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  7. Good Morning Janis… There are many warnings in the Bible….you have touched on a few. The most important thing is heeding those warnings, right! I went in a totally different direction and had a little fun with it. Blessings. Nice Journal Art.

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