What do you watch out for?

What do you watch out for? The prompt this week for Scribble Picnic, an art co-operative, is Watch out. How often as parents have we said those words? “Watch out.” “Don’t trip on that log.” ‘Don’t run into that table.” As parents we are conscious of what can happen if a child makes a careless… Continue reading What do you watch out for?


Relinquishment by Rose Harmer In our morning family devotional time, we read Luke 14, where, at the end of the chapter, Jesus talks about the cost of being His disciple.  When we ask Christ to be Lord in our lives, I believe for some people He orchestrates circumstances to help us remember our commitment. “Wherefore… Continue reading RELINQUISHMENT


Praying Our Lives Twice today in the space of about 15 minutes God reminded me about simplicity. First I met a woman who had a garage full of stuff and talked about needing to get rid of things. She knows the need; now she needs the courage to do it. Next I read a post… Continue reading PRAYING OUR LIVES