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Ladder – Scribble Picnic

A little late for #Scribblepicnic tonight. The word prompt is “ladder”. My excuse is below.

We have had quite the week. We left Arizona on the red eye last Tuesday night – arrived Wednesday morning. A little sleepy we were. After a ride from airport to north of Barrie, we had a little nap at our daughter’s home. Then we were ready to tackle shopping and heading back to Haliburton. That day and the next were blurs.

The weekend was family Easter weekend and we had 14 join us (7 grandchildren) and 4 dogs. Very busy, a lot of fun. Now recovering slowly from all the activity. And it rained on and off all weekend. The sun came out yesterday (Tuesday).

Do you feel you are going up and down a ladder?

Sometimes I do. There are times I feel like I’m at the top and other times I feel like I have fallen way down. But it I always look around me when I am on the ladder then I know I can find peace in all the rungs of life.

I found a picture I painted of a ladder from a book I am currently reviewing and editing. It’s Martha and Mary’s story as found in Luke 10:38-42.

Here is my picture:


In my story, Mary is rushing to help Martha as she slept in. However, she catches her foot on the last rung and down she went.

Stay tuned for more information on this upcoming story.

Join us at Scribble Picnic. 

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