Memories from Jars

Jars – Scribble Picnic

Today the prompt for #Scribblepicnic is JARS.

I checked the definition of jar, as most people would probably think of a glass jar.

Jar: a wide-mouthed, cylindrical container made of glass or pottery, especially one used for storing food. Synonyms: container, pot, crock, receptacle, cookie jar, mason jar, ginger jar


I painted this picture years ago after at trip to Tubac, Arizona. The lines are to signify ancient and I used a white and black spray paint on the paper first. The painting is hanging in our home in AZ. It is large about 24 X 14 inches.



Of course when I think of jars I think of the story of jars of water made into wine in the Bible. I remember telling that story to the kids at vacation Bible school one summer when each day we took a walk through some of the biblical historical cities where Jesus went.

It was great. I made a large bus from cardboard, painted it. Then we put a hole through the roof. Two of us fit inside with puppets poking out the top. My friend pretended she was the driver and the two inside the bus entered the church from the back with the CD player blaring with the entry song. Grab your shades and a bottle of water, this place is going to get hotter and hotter.

Then the puppets talked about what they were going to learn during the Vacation Bible School. I can’t find any pictures in my computer although I searched.

Good memories of that week.

On thinking about pots I also remembered a story I worked on awhile ago. Here is a picture from that story.


Sorry I didn’t have time to make an original this week. Can’t wait to see the rest of #ScribblePicnic’s pictures.

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  1. This is gorgeous, Janis! I first thought that you had used the batik technique.

    There’s nothing like Vacation Bible School week, as a kid or as a worker! Have great memories of so many different ones we’ve done. Just finished up one this past week with a space theme, pointing, as usual, to God’s great love and the plan he has for us.

    1. Mary,
      Thank you. I am really running short of time lately – next week I am away but have sketched a little fox so at least I have that to show. Would love to find time to paint him.

  2. Janis, I love your painting. It reminds me of cave paintings with the black and white etchings running through. But so much more colorful.

  3. I think the effect on that first piece is really compelling, Janis, and the colours on the second work well together too. Thank you for showing us!

    BTW, I left a reply to your thoughtful comment on my blog, should you care to read it later. 🙂

  4. Lovely picture choices for this week, Janis. I love the first piece…very interesting and I like the black and white effects.

    1. It’s funny Lissa, I think I put the spray on the paper first. Then I drew the pots and painted them. I liked the way it became more than a still life.

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