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I knew I had written on this word before. Here is my post from 2012 with my new thoughts following it. This week’s word from Five Minute Friday is EMPTY.


When I first thought of empty I thought negatively – no thing left. Then I started to think that when something is empty something else fills it up. When you empty your dinner plate – you are full. When we give of our selves or our money we are filled with a feeling of joy being able to help someone else.

So as we empty we fill something else up. It has to go somewhere.

Would the same hold true for emptying ourselves before the Lord?

Giving everything to the Lord we then become empty of the problems, the sin, the frustrations, even the anger. As we empty ourselves we leave a space for God. He enters and we are filled with the goodness of God.

When we cast all our burdens on Him we have the room to become full – full of His grace, full of His compassion, full of His love and forgiveness.

Now I don’t feel empty is a negative word – it is filled with His blessings. (tweet this)

Time’s up (first time in 2012)

Today, 2017, when I think of empty here are my thoughts:


If we don’t empty “us of us” we can’t be filled with the Spirit. (tweet this)

Jesus speaks of being filled with living water. It is what our souls need. In a dry and thirsty desert where we spent the winter I know the need for water.

On finding and accepting Jesus we are no longer empty.

Today I read Oswald Chamber’s and I see that there might still be some things that I have not emptied from my soul. If you read the post you will see that Oswald talks about the high places that were left. Read 2 Chronicles 15:17.

It is the little things that can hold us back. (tweet this)

God wants you to be entirely His. ~ Oswald Chambers

Are you entirely His? Have you completely emptied yourself of all that is not of Jesus?

It takes time. It doesn’t happen with the snap of your fingers. But I believe we need to focus on this.

Be in His Word. Read, pray, talk with other believers.

Time’s up  (second time)

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  1. Hi Janis. I’m so pleased to meet you. This is my first time here. I so enjoyed your take on this word today. It’s true, we often treat this word as a negative word. Emptiness is a blessing when filled with God!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
    Shauna Blaak (your neighbour in FMF#66)

  2. So glad to be your FMF neighbor this Saturday and thank you for stopping by! I loved your comparison of your two posts. Definitely thinking I need to work on emptying myself of somethings so God can fill me with His goodness. Blessings to you!

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