Jesus Leads the Way – Follow Him

Jesus Leads the Way – Follow Him – Word of God Speak Linkup This is the second week of Lent. Although I studied Mark 10:32-34, I chose a different passage to memorize. Jesus leads the way to Jerusalem. See the end of my study to find out which passage we are memorizing. Using the SIMPLE Bible… Continue reading Jesus Leads the Way – Follow Him

Fuzzy Lion – Creative Tuesdays

Fuzzy Lion – Creative Tuesdays Prompt for Creative Tuesdays – Fuzzy – The definition of fuzzy: covered with short, soft hairs, fur etc. My choice for Creative Tuesday’s prompt  is a lion. I have seen fuzzy lions as toys. My lion however is the real thing. However, if he were not as fierce, I think… Continue reading Fuzzy Lion – Creative Tuesdays