Tadeo Turtle enjoys a delicious piece of watermelon

Scribble Picnic: Watermelon

This week for #ScribblePicnic the prompt is watermelon. That is a savoury treat for this time of year.

Since I have seen so many pictures of turtles snacking on watermelons I couldn’t resist putting my little Tadeo in this week’s picture. Here he is enjoying his juicy watermelon treat.


Tadeo Turtle was published in 2012. In 2013 it won The Word Awards for best children’s book of the year. It’s a sweet story of a turtle who longs to be different. Through an exciting adventure he learns to accept the fact that God made him just the way He did for a reason. It is for ages 2 and up. With rhyming words and colourful pictures he delights the children. He is available everywhere.

In case you are wondering – Tadeo’s back leg is there – just off to the right in the air. He is so happy that he is kicking up his leg!!

I did this sketch with micron pens and with watercolour pencil – and somehow I just can’t get the blending I can with watercolour. But I’m working on it.

Here is Tadeo’s real professional photo.



Tadeo enjoyed an outing with his creator this past weekend at our local author’s group in Minden, Ontario to celebrate Canada Day. That is not my elbow – I’m taking the picture of the table. 🙂 Tadeo is hidden on the far right. I need to get better stands for all my books. That’s the next task. It was very windy, cloudy, sunny, and humid, and threatening thunderstorms but didn’t. It was delightful all the same.


A few week’s ago I was in Haliburton at the park – yup – doing the same thing. I didn’t have a tent covering that day. It was hot and sunny.


As for watermelon. I used to enjoy that occasionally but just found out I have a sensitivity to it. Can you believe that? Still not believing it myself.

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  1. I’ve no doubt that turtles love watermelon–may have even fed some to one of the box turtles we had briefly (they always escaped!) as a child. I love how the colors of your outfit match those of the Tadeo you’re holding!

  2. Good to see you celebrating with your books there.
    Oh, how timely. Watermelon is much needed in this summer heat here.

  3. Oh, and I wanted to add that they say that melons contain natural molds making people with mold allergies intolerant of them. Don’t know if that’s how it could be bothering you, but just throwing it out there for thought.

  4. Janis, I love your watermelon-eating turtle. I love turtles! We used to have box turtles come through the property years back. Haven’t seen one in a while but we’ve rescued a few different kinds that were crossing roads we were on. Never like to seen a flattened one. Good luck with your sales!

  5. Tadeo seems like a fun turtle. do turtles eat watermelons? I don’t really know and I’ve never even seen a turtle, well, at least not up close. good colors there in both pieces.

    have a lovely day.

    1. Lissa,
      I have Tadeo’s second adventure written but not painted. Too many other things. lol:) I have seen pictures of turtles eating watermelons. We have many turtles around here – too many and they get hit crossing the roads. They are trying to make passages for them to go under the roadways.
      Thanks for the compliments.

  6. Lovely post, Janis! Nice to see Tadeo chomping down some watermelon. I love it too but it’s a pity it doesn’t agree with you anymore. I love your turtle art! The shell colours are so pretty.

    You do look cute all geared up for a day of selling at the stands. I hope you did well.

    Wishing you a beautiful week ~ 🙂

    1. Thanks Serena,
      Tadeo was one of the first serious paintings I tried. And thanks for the compliments.
      Blessings and have a great week yourself,

  7. I can actually believe that, Janis, as Alex is the same way with cucumber – it is the seeds often that one can’t tolerate as adults. Anyway, good to see old Taleo back again, this time enjoying watermelon and his ‘photo’ really shows off his shell. Thank you for the different and engaged interpretation. Hope your Canada day was still special even with the heat, etc.

    1. Michael,
      It was a blood test that I took – so don’t know how accurate but decided to stay off those things for a bit. Tadeo is still busy- Actually I am reading both books on Saturday for the Lions Club who have a special book day for kids.
      Canada was great – nice to see everyone out and enjoying the sunshine (it has been sparse in Canada).

  8. Love seeing the photo of you working your booth – I know that’s not easy especially outdoors in hot or wet weather. Glad to see you were prepared with the neat looking hat Janis.

    As for Tadeo turtle – beautiful creature, turtles are always special to watch. We have some in the pond nearby the cottage and I love to watch them living their quiet watery lives. Never knew they’d be partial to watermelon though!

    Mary –

    1. Hi Mary,
      The hat sure helped. Many of the participants had tent covers. The sky was threatening and finally did rain just as we were packing up. I have learned more about turtles since writing Tadeo.

  9. Lovely piece, I didn’t know turtles like watermelon! Sorry about the sensitivity wow. Congrats on your book award, quite an accomplishment.

    1. Christine,
      I had seen real turtles eating watermelon – the larger turtles – maybe even tortoises. Thanks for the congrats.

  10. Maybe I’m part turtle…I do love watermelon. HaHa. Your little guy is surely cute. Years ago, I took my watercolor cards to a festival. Those were fun days…now it’s just a hobby in between my dozen grandkids. You look so cute in the photo…all ready to get to work in your booth.

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